Alvaro Morata


It would have been categorised as all Wenger’s fault and how he broke the player, just like Xhaka, Mustafi’s and all the other shit we have.


He is a good striker, just not for a big team. He would do well at Leicester or Wolverhampton.


Soooooooo not a great striker then :henry2:


Good doesn’t mean great :grin:


There was a game early last season where he scored 3 or 4 goals I believe and he could have had twice as many. After seeing that game I thought he was going to be the best buy over Lukaku/Lacazette

I think he’d thrive at a club like Liverpool or City who have an interchanging forward line that would take advantage of his movement, link up play and dribbling

Actually his record isn’t that bad 7 in 14 PL/CL games this season and 12 in 26 last year. But I do think he could do better.


for me I knew he wasn’t going to be the top quality striker that Chelsea needed to replace Costa, he’s a good striker but nowhere near the level to be a top sides main striker


He had good numbers once at Madrid too but most of those goals weren’t that decisive. The majority were after coming on against an already battered team and squeezing a goal or two.

It shows though, he just crumbles under pressure. You can see it in his face that he is panicking too much in front of the goal when it matters. Good player but definitely not elite.


Key phrase there. We’d be keeping our top striker and offloading mediocrity for big money.


We will make our squad more mediocre if we sell Lacazette, while purchasing 30+ year oldies.


Do you actually believe Laca is mediocre?:confused:


Mediocre is probably a bit harsh, but he certainly isn’t elite.


Still hating on Laca?


Sell Laca for 75m to Chelsea and buy a couple younger guys that Sven highly rates for 40m. A winger and a CB.


He’s both mediocre and at the same time worth £75m.

Unfortunately though if we sell a player for £75m we automatically become a money club and our achievements become meaningless :sob:




Going back to Morata, he looks such a miserable fucker.


Yeah he definitely has that sexy smouldering look going on :heart_eyes:


He’s been extremely pampered his whole career. Wasn’t ready to slum it in a competitive Premier league.


Lolpool just sold a guy that had one league goal for 20m+ I figure we could at least get 75m for a guy early in his career that is nailed on 12 -15 league goals a year. Probably more for a side that can actually get some penalties.


Haha I am embarrassed that I didn’t spot that.