Alvaro Morata


We say that but Lukaku has a better goalscoring record and Morata has a near identical one. But I guess we win through default of him costing less than both of them. He definitely falls in the same bracket of striker as they do though. The tier below the top strikers (Kane, Aguero, Aubameyang).


I am pretty sure Lukaku cost £75m.

If I’m right it might seem pedantic of me, but if we’re quoting costs in a comparison then the extra 15m makes a difference to the discussion.


In terms of goals and assists per minute over 2 seasons in Europe and the PL Laca is shading both. This season Laca has 8 goals and 6 assists in 1400 minutes, Lukaku has 8 goals and 1 assist in 1600 minutes, Morata gas 7 goals and 0 assists in nearly 1200 minutes. Last season Laca had 17 goals and 4 assists in 2400 mins, Lukaku had 21 and 7 assists in 3500 mins, Morata had 12 and 6 in 2300 mins. Now you can argue our European opponents skews it but he still has better stats in the PL

Lukaku also breaks down attacks with his first touch and technique and his goal rate has dropped off this year as he’s been vastly out of shape. You have to set up an attack to feed him with crosses where as other players will interchange better. That’s why he’s scored less at United than he scored at Everton because all the attacks were targeted through him but you can’t do that at a big club. He also is generally crap in big games.

So yes I think we have the best player of the 3 and I also think last year was an adjusting year where he had a baron spell. I expect we’ll see him grow as a player especially if we buy more creative players to service him.


I seem to remember reading the initial fee being 75m with 15m of add ons that should be quite easy to hit.


Fair play, if those reports are accurate :+1:

Often hard to say with transfers as so much is often shrouded in mystery, just got to work with the sources we have.

Edit: yeah, BBC report the same as what you’ve said, I’ll concede to you on this one. I would be interested to know what the clauses are though