Alvaro Morata

According to latest reports he favours a move to the Arsenal. He’s just so expensive though…

The problem is Real. I guess they want to make a big profit after buying him back from Juventus. It’s gonna be around 60-70 mil.

Just because they want to make a huge profit doesn’t mean they will.

He’s worth what someone’s willing to pay for him. I think this will be a late one and he’ll be the desperate buy if someone can’t find a forward or Giroud/Costa/Aguero/etc. picks up an injury or something.

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I think this will go right to the end of the window. From what I saw of Lacazette when he played against us recently, I’d rather pay the money for Morata. Sometimes you just need to say “fuck it, here’s your money!”

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I reckon Zidane will convince him to stay tbh, all the Morata reports at the moment seem a bit like the Benzema ones, just clubs interest being rehashed by the media every few days.

Maybe a deciding factor will be Pogba, if he does move it’ll be between Madrid & United, if he chooses United maybe Madrid would rather have the 2nd striker, Benzema did miss a lot of football last season.

He looked terrible didn’t he? Let’s hope Dick Law can actually negotiate a good fee for Morata.


According to many spanish reports, he will stay at Madrid because Real haven’t received offers good enough to sell him.

With Morata at Madrid and out for the race to sign Lacazette because the demand from Aulas and is board his too high, who will be our number 9 next season?

Hopefully it’s gonna be another Ozil :ozil2:

I’ve never really got this deal. His value is surely on potential, not really on amazing form. So if he is a bit-part player for Madrid and plays decently, he surely keeps his value so Madrid may as well keep him for a season as an option.

Rather than sell it would probably be better business to loan him out for some fee then sell him after, giving him the chance to impress.

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Bit of both I think. He’s shown he can do everything to an impressive standard, except score on a regular basis, although he’s never been that lone ‘9’.

Whether he’ll ever be prolific I’m not sure, I do get a bit of a support striker vibe off him though and that he plays with his back to goal too much. It could be a reason why he doesn’t play as often as he should, because Dybala is clearly the better player in that regard.

Looks to be decided that he’ll stay at Madrid. Makes sense as they still have a transfer ban over their heads and aren’t going to risk to fall short on options.

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Benzema also missed quite a bit of football last season. I think it’ll be Jese that gets sold with a buy back clause similar to Morata.

We’re being linked with him again, probably BS but would love him here.

He has it all and is having a very good season scoring a goal every 89 minutes and has 20 goals this season from 19 starts

Little doubt he’d be the 20 plus goal a season out and out #9 we’ve been waiting for.


You would think Madrid would try hard to keep hold of him with Benzema nearing 30 even if they did bring in Mbappe.

Thing is he would push hard for a move if not given assurances, he’s 24 and tired of playing Robin, it’s about time he finally became the #1 option.

If he’s not starting consistently particularly in the big games then he’s off most probably.

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Benzema is more likely to leave, imo.

We should definitely be looking to take on either Morata or Benzema this summer. Even though Buenzemísima hasn’t had his best season he’s still a fine player, and Morata is what Darkseid has said.

Think Morata to Chelsea is what’s gonna happen though.

Would love Morata here. I just get the feeling he will fit like a glove into our team.

Yeah I’d really like to get him now as well

Chelsea bound