Alvaro Morata


What a fraud he is! Another striker would have scored an hattrick today.


Remind me of my dream?



Sorry if it’s not the dream you were hoping for :smiley:


oh that, haha. Yeah Morata did us a favour, by pretending to be rubbish


He’s normally a pretty damn good finisher. Anomoly tonight, we got lucky.


Morata would miss a period if he were a girl


He should have had a hat-trick against Stoke! Did fuck all. Again, tonight. Awful.





Our striker fucked up some golden opportunities too tbf.


Best player on the pitch for us.


Unreal :joy::joy::joy:



Chelsea sold Costa for this guy :poldi:

Much worse than replacing RVP with Giroud.


Remember when everyone was raving about him when Juve got to the UCL final against Juve.:joy:

People actually thought he was world class. Anyone who followed him at Real laughed their ass off when Man Utd and Chelsea were fighting over him, esp. when the latter went on and spend £60 million for a glorified “well, he works hard” striker.


I think he has a good deal of ability but simply does not have what’s required up top in one’s head to be a top player.

He seems to be a coddled mamas boy, he’s way too nice. When you look at his stature and attributes he should be a nightmare for defenders.


I still want to believe inside him there is a good player, but it was always questionable whether he could be a goalscoring number 9 and I think his time at Chelsea so far appears to be answering that question.

Chelsea really should have got themselves in the running for Auba.


I think he’s a really good player but what his time at Chelsea has shown is that both Juventus and Real were right not to trust him as their first choice number 9. Think he’s the kind of player who needs to relegate himself down a level or two or accept a position on the bench for one of the big clubs. Doesn’t quite seem to have everything that it takes.


I’ve got good news for Chelsea they can have our cast off striker, Laca, at a premium price.

All jokes aside selling Laca to Chelsea would be astute business if we could wrastle 75m+ out of them for him. Sven has already said it, were are the BVB to their Bayern so when we have a player that we could get top money for that’s expendable, and there’s a club out there with more money than they know what to do with we, should be exploring these things.


What Chelsea need is a top striker. So I’d rather not help them out.


Can you imagine to backlash from Arsenal fans if we signed him?