Alvaro Morata


Totally agree. Even though the media like to hype Lukaku as the best of the three I really think he’s going to start frustrating the fans sooner than later.


I was hoping we would buy Morata before he returned to Madrid. He’s the closest we could have got to replacing RvP imo.

We’ll see how good Lukaku is when United play some giants in the CL


He was the striker I most wanted us to sign out of the ones that were available, wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he scores 20 plus league goals this season.

Apart from his technical and physical attributes he’s just such a clever player and highly adaptable, Conte definitely signed the superior striker between him and Lukaku. I think Morata with consistent game time will prove to be an immense signing, very good chance he surpasses Harry Kane IMO.

Has only scored with his head so far imagine when he starts putting them in with his feet too!


I don’t understand how anyone can still doubt Lukaku at this point. He has scored boatloads for both good and shit teams in the prem and has literally increased his tally every season in his career all that tender age of what, 23?

And he’s doing the business for united. Sure he sometimes has the touch of a rapist but he more than makes up for it with goals scored


Meh Lukaku is a good signing for Utd but would take either of Morata Lacazette or Kane over him easily. Just better player’s


So? You can make this same kind of argument for Morata or Lacazette, the only difference is that they didn’t play in the premier before now. Morata has scored at extremely impressive rates for Madrid already at younger ages than Lukaku… Lukaku is fine, he’s a good goalscorer it would seem, though the part you say about scoring for good teams in the prem (who?) isn’t really true, unless you consider Everton a good team…


There’s more to a striker’s game than just goals though, I mean look at Theo, he scored 19 last season and he’s completely dogshit.


It might be premature but he’s on a goal a game for United. I’m going to admit I was wrong about Lukaku and say he’s going to continue to be prolific. He’s 1 dimensional but he’s great in that dimension as an out and out goalscorer. He’s intelligent off the ball combined with pace and can shoulderbarge any CB in the PL out of the way to finish. He’s a very composed finisher even if he doesn’t have great technique. He won’t help build up play or create his own goals but neither did Ruud Van Nisterroy

Morata and Lacazette have their own qualities and I think all 3 will prove to be very good signings. Morata is one who I thought could struggle but that’s proving not to be the case so far.


I agree he’ll be prolific but he’ll suffer against better defences/top defenders. His numbers will look good but he’s not the kind of striker I want to go into the quarters/semis of the CL with, against top opposition, or even into a big PL battle.

Yeah, hopefully you’re seeing now that you don’t score at the rates Morata has while having this weird idea you had about him of ‘bad technique striking the ball’ :wink: :smiley:


I would have loved to have seen Lukaku here.
He is going to be right up there at the end of the season as one of the top scorers and probably with a trophy.


Lukaku won’t win games alone but even against the top teams he’ll get in behind the defenses, dominate aerially and be clinical. I don’t really like him as a player but he’s effective.

I still don’t see Morata or Lukaku as great strikers of the ball, they compensate for it in other ways. Lacazette hits the ball far sweeter, that doesn’t make him better all round ofcourse, he doesn’t have their pace or power or aerial ability.

Another reservation I had about Morata was his goalscoring record for Juve and the fact many of his goals were off the bench for a heavily overpowered Real.


Just like his manager.
Effective and not very likeable.
That’s why Mourinho bought him, because he will score goals and unsettle defences.
Like you say, he might not win games himself but he is playing in a team with winners in key positions like Pogba, Mata, Matic, Mkhitayran etc.
Not necessarily spectacular, flair players but very effective and good at what they do best.
As much as I despise Mourinho, he knows how to win, even if it’s not pretty to watch.


Speaking of which, how much did City pay for Jesus?


Lukaku is a good striker. Morata is a good player. That’s the distinction I’d make. If Morata can get anywhere near Lukaku numbers then he’s better, if he can’t then it’s debateable but I prefer the better player because then you can play different styles and put them in different positions.

I remember when we chased Suarez, the talk was we were after someone that could play instead of Giroud and also play with Giroud. I think Morata could have been that. Wouldn’t have minded him for Sanchez, even with Laca too.


Well put @Craigie


I think Man City paid around 30m for him, and I would have liked to have seen him here too.


Madrid, Barça, and City wanted him, we were never going to have a chance even if we were interested.


What was that tonight :joy::joy::joy::joy: How much did he cost again?


Yeah it’s his fault that Chelsea didn’t win the game tonight, really should have scored a hat trick.


I think @Phoebica’s dream would of become reality had he brought his shooting boots.