Alvaro Morata


Be very interesting to see who has the better season out of Morata and Lacazette.


Morata will take to the league like a duck to water, it’s a massive fee but will be worth it when it’s all said and done.

He has it all and is an excellent modern day out and out striker.

Funny that United and Chelsea will end up with each others preferred #1 targets, will be interesting to see how they fair.


Does Costa get on with anyone though? The only person I could ever see him being friends with is Attila the Hun!

But yep it’s good for them that they’re getting rid. Morata might be a step down from Costa but if he gets decent service he’ll still score plenty of goals.


Just looking at it from a defenders point of view, I would rather face Moratta than Costa, every time…


In reality we’re the only team to improve our striking position.


Easily done tbh.


Morata over Lukaku every day for me aswell. Chelsea got the much better deal here


Lukaku is more proven but Morata has the higher ceiling, would have loved him here.

Chelsea are paying top whack but he’s going to be a massive player for them, he’ll pay back the fee for sure IMO.

He’ll surprise quite a few.


The fact is that Morata has barely scored more than 20 goals a season. He is a really good player, but not a proper CF.


Lukaku failed at Chelsea at an age morays was doing pretty well at Madrid/juve and has played and scored in the CL, Really don’t see how lukaku is more proven


Spot on. Chelsea have got the superior player. It’ll be really interesting to see how they compare this year in the premier league


Probably because they are the same age and Lakaku has had two 20 + goal league seasons.


He hasn’t had the opportunity to, he hasn’t been first choice at Juve or Real. However, last season proves what he can do leading the line, he was key in Real winning La Liga by being their second top goal scorer.

Morata is 100% a proper #9.

@Kaner: I was referring to the fact Lukaku has been a consistent starter and has a very good scoring record only second to Aguero in the last 4 years. Morata doesn’t boast the same, however, there’s a reason for it.


Chelsea potentially have a superior player. He has yet to actually be first choice and we don’t know if he can sustain his big game form over a season.

can’t help but feel if anything Chelsea are weaker now though.


Tbf it has to be said that both of them moved clubs at the same age and that neither of them really played for too long at Chelsea/Madrid before they did.


Am I wrong in thinking that Chelsea sold lukaku and brought him back then sold him again already or was he on loan?


He was out on loan at WBA where he did pretty well, then went to Everton on loan, back to Chelsea and ultimately sold.

In total he played about 5 full games for Chelsea’s first team.


thing is here that united have the more options in attack. Regardless of whose the better player even with the rough edges Lukaku is a proven goal scorer and united needed that to complement Rashford and Martial.
Morata no matter what people think of Costa has big boots to fill as Costa delivered 2 titles.


I didn’t say he is shit, just not a big goalscorer.


Promising start for Morata at Chelsea, looking like what the statistics suggested he was: a natural goalscorer.

Of the three #9s signed this summer definitely would say that he and Lacazette are a class apart from Lukaku, even if it might take some time for the results to bear that out.