Alisher Usmanov


at our pearl you say? :santi2:





Holy shit


The BBC has obtained documents pertaining to Usmanov’s purchase of a 14.58 per cent stake in Arsenal in 2007 through the Red & White investment vehicle that he jointly owned with Farhad Moshiri, who sold up to his business partner last year to facilitate his purchase of 49.9 per cent of Everton.

Moshiri sold his stake in Arsenal to Usmanov to facilitate his purchase of 49.9 per cent of Everton.

It is understood that Panorama will claim that the documents show that Moshiri’s initial Arsenal stake was a gift from Usmanov, leading to the suggestion that the billionaire from Uzbekistan was behind the Iranian’s purchase of Everton as he was the original source of the funds.


Two parts? Must have a lot to say but it sounds like a jump to him being “behind” the Everton deal.



The USM sponsorship deal pretty much confirms there’s definintely some sort of cooperation/control from AU.


People still want a man who is the Everton ghost owner and voted in favour of Korenkes, his enemies.


I want someone who is who is richer than Abramovich, who isn’t afraid to spend and who likes football and who wants to see us win trophies.

Kroenke is a waste of space who is content to hand Wenger a new contract every few seasons while watching us consolidate ourselves in the Europa League.

I can guarantee while Kroenke and Wenger run our club we will not win the PL or CL and we won’t buy a true world class player.

We need someone who is willing to invest the 200m necessary just to get us back to a club competing for the PL, let alone winning it.


This we simply need change, the one thing we do know is under the ownership of Stan we are never winning the Premier League.


Reality is Wenger’s wayward management has unfairly skewed your perception of the ownership. All evidence points towards Wenger being the main culprint for our lack of success in the league and Cl

Let’s get rid of Wenger first and see how we do before we start coming to conclusions about Stan.


But part of this ownership is rewarding a man who missed top 4 with a 2 year extension, tells me what I need to know in regards to the ambition of this ownership.


It’s hard for me to rationalise the 2 year deal as a fan tbh but from Stan’s POV Wenger asking for more time after a 3rd FA in 4 years and getting the contract is Stan giving him the benefit of the doubt and Wenger is on probation. This is just an assumption, there are various theories about why the extension was given despite losing CL football.

Even then a two year deal is hardly definitive. In your opinion they don’t care about the reactions of the fans, and they have the power to do so, so why not 3, 4, 5 year deal?


Because he is 68.


So? Has Wenger mentioned retiring anytime soon? He seems in good enough health doubt much will change in 3 or 4 years for him


So? It makes no sense to tie a 68-year old down for 4 years. Evaluate after the two and maybe offer another extension does more.


That logic would make sense if Wenger has been showing declining health or if he was seriously contemplating retirement. Don’t think his age has ever been a factor in decision making but it’s a valid assumption


This is the problem.
He hasn’t changed and has no intention of changing.

We are a club in stagnation and the man making the decision is dragging us down because of his arrogance and stubbornness and refusal to change.