Alisher Usmanov


The club doesn’t need investment, just need a manager who will utilize the seizable resources already at our disposal in a pragmatic and intelligent way. The club has been held back by a mixture of Wenger’s blind idealism and declining managerial ability.


Extra investment would help also, like none of us really expect to sign other huge names that both Manchester clubs and Chelsea are interested in also do we ?


I’m sure Usmanov has done terrible things but such was the geopolitical climate in the former USSR at the time of its downfall. As Leper noted theres an order of magnitude but there’s also an order of perspective to be had as well.


in which case just sell the shares? I can’t imagine a man thats prepared to part with a billion is going to play silly buggers over an existing stake thats nowhere near that


I don’t think it’s that simple to shift a non controlling stake in a business that never pays dividends and would cost the investor 4-500m quid.

And he probably wants to sell to Kroenke even less than Kroenke wants to sell to him.


Manchester United is the only mega club in England, the reason why they can do massive deals is because of their organically developed commercial prowess. They’re ahead of everyone in England.

Chelsea are similar to Arsenal in terms of finances and commercial deals the only difference is our business practices when it comes to playing assets. Chelsea have adopted a far more pragmatic practices compared to Arsenal’s idealism under Wenger.

We have money, we just need to manage our assets better. ie more players sales to generate money for better players and a reorganised wage structure.


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