Alisher Usmanov


This kinda says it all right here. Maybe Kroenke doesn’t personally interfere, but I have major concerns about his knowledge of any sport and his allowance of either just downright bad or mediocre management of his clubs.


I mean, to buy something, the owner has to he willing to sell.

In this case, he isn’t. End of story. It’s not happening.

I mean, Kroenke left Usmanov on ‘read’ for a whole month. He has been patched.


Usmanov time to get the kettle on…


Bloody yankee, get off our back! @Arsenal4thetreble


I like the idea of a James Bond villain owning our club


Kroenke is going to be in a lot of trouble with the Rams next year. They have a good shot at being even worse than last year, and that will not sit well in LA. Their new stadium as also been delayed, and that has pissed off a lot of locals, not to mention the NFL. You can’t come to LA and not win. Being shit, in an old stadium that is not NFL suitable no less, is not good for business.

While Usmanov would love to have the power here, I think he really wants to divest and go to Everton. Making this mid might open the door for (hopefully) some rich oil shieks who love winning to come by with an even bigger offer.


You might be right.
But they don’t come much richer than Usmanov, and he seems keen to do an Abramovich with a PL club.
That’ll be nice, watching Usmanov invest his money in Everton, and watching them sail past us in the league, while we are stuck Kroenke the parasite, who has done nothing for us.


Why would he rather throw his money into Everton instead of us?


Because his friend and former Red & White Holdings partner Farhad Mushini owns 49.9% of Everton. If he can’t be in power here, he may as well go some place he can be.


There is simply not correlation between US franchises and English football. It’s very simple thinking with so many relevant factors ignored to make an outright lazy connection.

I’m convinced this whole fiasco was designed to deflect from Wenger and the fact he’s 100% responsible for our lack major success over the last couple of seasons.


For the right price he’ll sell he’s a business man first and foremost… Fingers crossed.


Cant own shares in 2 clubs, conflict of interest! He would have to sell his Arsenal shares before he goes into Everton so i cant see it happening because Usmanov will not sell his shares in Arsenal. He might be able to have a small amount of shares in onother club but sure as fuck not be a major shareholder of Arsenal then go and be in charge of everton.


He wasn’t suggesting he’d do both, he was saying he reckoned that at this stage he’d probably prefer to sell the arsenal shares and actually gain control of Everton. It’s not that far fetched


I see. I had heard the rumours before about him and Everton but I genuinely thought that Usmanov was an Arsenal fan. Never really made much sense to me as turning Everton into a super club would be a hell of a lot more work than setting Arsenal on the competitive path again.


What i was saying is i cannot see Usmanov selling his shares, he has been buying more and more recently when there has been the odd few going and he is very bullish about them. I cannot see him just out of the blue giving them up and Going to Everton, so if you cannot have your fingers in 2 clubs i dont see it happening.


Well it’s a lot easier since he’d actually be able to get control of Everton :wink:.

If you think about it, he can either pay the equivalent of 2billion for his 100% stake in us (if Stan would even take that), or sell his 30% to Kronke ( for I’d guess 300-400million ) then take his 2 billion and plough that into Everton’s shares and then team, stadium, whatever.

Personally I think it would be more fun to build a club up in that way rather than just have Arsenal who already have half a team, the revenue, the stadium, the fanbase etc. Though it’d be a bit crap having so many rich clubs fighting for 4 spots. You’d have to really be the best to guarantee finishing in that every year. At this stage I’d probably go for a foreign league.


It greatly all depends on if he has an affinity towards Arsenal like his holdings name suggests.

This is a guy who probably always gets what he wants from life, I was going to suggest a metaphor for the situation but wanting Arsenal and ending up with Everton is apt in itself. Like I say this all depends on if he wants Arsenal for personal reasons which the bid from yesterday would suggest that he does. Other than the friendship connection he could sell out of Arsenal and buy any team in the league if he wanted.


Or British clubs just have to start doing so well in the champions league that they’re forced to give us 5 Champions League spots!

Eventually it’ll get to the point where clubs get so rich and good that the Champions League just isn’t enough and clubs will start spending billions on space exploration to go out and find extra-terrestrial life that we can then play in an Intergalactic Champions League.


I just want to see proper investment in the club. He’s no doubt got a dodgy background, but then I doubt Stan kronke, the guy who gave trump one million dollars, is hardly as clean as they come.


If it was a choice between Usmanov becoming majority shareholder or winning the FA cup, I’d take the former no doubt.