Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov is an Uzbek-born Russian business magnate. Usmanov moved into the football arena in August 2007 by acquiring a 14.58-percent stake in the English team Arsenal Football Club. He and his business partner Farhad Moshiri bought the stake in the club owned by former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein for £75 million. David Dein was appointed as head of their investment vehicle, Red and White Holdings, which became the largest shareholder in the club outside of members of the board of directors.

Usmanov increased his Arsenal FC share beyond 29 percent in June 2011. Red and White Holdings announced on 20 June 2011 that it had more than 29-percent stake in Arsenal Holdings Plc.

Please sell up…please please sell up


As long as he don’t sell to Vacant Stan.

I’m looking at 69 pence and an old O2 Arsenal shirt…submitting a bid now!


There are people out there who actually see this man as some sort of savior



Who else would buy it?

A 30%+ stake in a business that never pays a dividend and probably isn’t going to massively increase in value isnt exactly an attractive business acquisition. Stan will be all over those shares and will get a massive loan to finance the entire purchase then he will use the clubs money to repay that loan just like the Glazers did.

No fan of Usmanov but the current set up is the best for Arsenal right now.

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That is the most likely outcome ofc…thinking about it, that might not be such a bad outcome. it would easier to find a buyer if vacant Stan ever decides to sell, or is forced to sell.

Part of me just wants Usmanov, and his dirty dirty dirty money, to take over and just start paying £80-100m for players.

The other side of me, a purist part, is content with our honour and sensitivity.


I guess if you consider not paying what something is worth “honourable” then yes. I don’t really know what else is so honourable at this club otherwise. Some people think that being owned by a guy that does his fleecing in real estate is somehow more honourable than those that do their fleecing in the oil business but I don’t.


I’m no fool to admit that for the most part, billionaires are sharks, and obviously stepped on people’s faces to get there…I mean, the only real exception to that ‘rule’ seems to be JK Rowling, but she is an exception.

Now back on track; I still think there is a beauty in the fact that we remain loyal to our players and their development (the success of this is definitely questionable, and I am not suggesting that it isn’t).

Whilst (while) everyone is purchasing players for lots of money, there is something poetic, or is it dramatic, about our club and its policies. I only wish that we’d increase our spend by 10% and maybe we’d succeed.

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Please enlighten me on these stated club policies.

You need to look into his past, not his business deals since being given the oil / gas companies to run

Then you will see what is so dishonourable about this man, and why Dein was an utter cunt selling up to him.

Try there for starters


Honestly that’s exactly the way I prefer our club to be run the only issue is that we actually suck balls at that too. We should be beating the likes of BVB and Leicester to guys like PEA, Mahrez, Kante, Etc.

I dont think badly of our current controlling interest shareholder ,nor of Usmanov whose gazprom company also has a bix at Chelsea. As some have said Stan hasnt taken nor paud dividends which he could have . a 3 mill consultancy is peanuts

Just checked my link earlier didn’t have any direct links regarding the Uzbek, Try this one

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ffs why did that prick Kroenke buy us instead of this guy. He actually cares and has ambition

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Ambition? What ambition?

Never talked about a potential takeover because is totally not interested about Arsenal as Kroenke.

Someone want him only why Stan hasn’t a good reputation.

Apart from when he offered more money per share than Kronke did…