Alisher Usmanov


Do svidaniya?


Hope he doesn’t sell to Kroenke.


I’m not sure who else would buy them.


If Kroenke owns nearly all the shares we might as well pack up.

Since he bought the club he has done nothing and neither have we,
All our rivals have caught us up and overtaken us, and we have gone backwards.

While Kroenke, and his family are running the club, we aren’t going to challenge for anything more than a top four place.


United fans had issues with the Glazers. Liverpool fans with FSG. Both sets of owners tweaked things and their back challenging for trophies.
Things have changed dramatically here in 18 months or so. It may take a bit of time but no real need to panic now.


The problem I have, is that Kroenke has been here for more than ten years and in that time we have gone backwards while the Glazers and FSG have invested heavily in their investments and given their managers the tools to work with.
If anything Kroenke did the opposite with Wenger, and hampered what he wanted to do.

With Gazidis leaving as well, I’m wondering if our owners lack of ambition is becoming more transparent.
Because Gazidis is following a very long line of our best assets out of the door and on to more ambitious clubs.


Actually it has been said that he gives trust to his staff until they show they cant be, i reckon he went to stan saying what he is gonna achieve what he is gonna change why things will be different then done fuck all. If you actually look at Stans teams he actually recruits really well and gets his teams winning, i dont see why he wont do it with Arsenal because lets face it it is a huge part of hs portfoliio and a massive profit churning machine and it is not even optimised yet. He knows fully well we are not going full tilt on ANYTHING yet not financially not sponsorship wise not backroom staff etc. I think people jump on his head a lot without giving the guy a chance to run things how he invisions them. Apparently his teams in america are doing pretty damn well and are getting some damn good players, you think he do that for his american teams and then just not bother with Arsenal where Arsenal stands to make him more money than anything else he owns?


How long does he need?
It’s not like we’re going forwards, we’re the lowest we’ve been since Graham was manager.
If I saw us competing with the top clubs I would say he is doing a good job but the opposite is happening.


yes but like us probably stan was expecting us to turn a corner we started winning again and in his meetings with wenger he was probably told that he is working on certain areas and he thought we are progressing in winning stuff give him more time and then he was given that last chance in he last contract and he blew it and was told to go, at least we didnt have another season of his shit.


Wait a minute from I’ve read he’s run his American Franchises into the ground. They’ve generally been less successful and the fans got treated like shit during a stadium move. Not that I pay any interest in American sports to research it or care that much.


the rams won the superbowl didnt they? they didnt win much before. I dont really follow american football but i swear they have done better than they used to if reports are be believed.


They haven’t invested anything. They’ve allowed the money earned by the club to be used by the club. As far as I can tell Kroenke has done no differently, we simply haven’t generated the same sums.

Edit: FSG possibly paid for the new stand in fairness.


No, but they’re building a side that can challenge for it, the rest of his teams are small market sides, so they generally need to be patient and build through youth since they can’t attract star unless they are already challenging.

His basketball team is actually pulling some really smart moves and got some very promising players.


And Glazers saddled the club with their debt too - so they have payments on that to make. ManU just make more than us… they are pretty much the richest club in the world, with Barca and Real not far behind.


Yeah they have some promise but they still haven’t played playoffs for around 5 seasons, also it’s not like they are building a contending team. But yeah they are small market which makes things a lot more difficult in the NBA.


Ah this thread brings back fun memories :arteta:


It really annoys me how smaller markets suffer in the NBA. Rest of league is totally irrelevant/uninteresting


It’s worse in the PL or any other European football competition…


Disagree, I think it worse in the NBA because of the draft system. Really hate the idea of team in poor markets tanking in hopes of securing a future superstar in the draft.

Although I think the consolation of 6 top teams is really bad for football. Football attendances remain high in the England, especially in the English championship and around Europe, I can’t say the say for some NBA teams closer to the bottom


Not in LA. They won at the end of the ‘99 season—he wasn’t the owner then. The Rams did make the playoffs last season after being very bad for most of the time he’s owned them. A combination of a good head coach hire and the rest of their division on a downswing. Jury’s still out if they are on the upswing or a flash in the pan.

Most of Kroneke’s American sports teams are not very good. Tbf, the dynamics are quite different than how the EPL is run.