Alexis Sánchez

I think Mourinho also thought he was getting one over on Wenger because in the previous season Sanchez had easily been our best and most influential player and if Mourinho could weaken us, while strengthening them, he would do it.

Man City got Mahrez instead, who looks to be the better deal and are probably paying him less than half of what Sanchez wanted in wages.

Sanchez and Mourinho was never going to work and I said after they bought him, that Sanchez was great for us because Wenger let him play to his strengths and gave him loads of freedom to do what he wanted, but Mourinho is the opposite and his players have to play to his system, which clearly Sanchez, as well as Pogba, didn’t agree with.


I look at that, I look at our RW options. I cry. fucking hell. Imagine having him here like that today. Instead he started bitching and took his shit dogs up to Manchester, and not the successful Manchester, just the highest paying Manchester. What a dick.


He is such an odd case honestly… was so incredibly good for us for a period… to think we sold (in a weakened position granted) not far from the peak of his powers and ended up with… Mcki (who is decent but squad level and expensive)… that is just a f*ing shambles of a trade of productivity.


Yeah that 16/17 season was simply electric. I really miss that Alexis.

He played with such huge intensity, I remember always thinking he’d be an early fader due to the physical demands of his style.

The way he’d spin himself out of gaps while being semi static and then spin out with the half dummy was artistic shit. Something very few players can do.


He’s just a shit Ryan Fraser, shit Ryan Fraaaaaaser, he’s just a shit Ryan Fraser.

I loved him during that spell, absolute phenom.

Sanchez is showing the difference between putting your whole heart and soul into something, loving every minute of it, and doing it for the paycheck.

wow Sanchez was so good he even made Iwobi score

Probably but I don’t think it’s just that. Alexis needs a team for himself. He had that at Arsenal with Ozil being the other star, a guy who has no problem setting up others. Chile the same, they’re playing for him. Udinese a bit too but to a lesser extent obviously.
He’s not top dog at Man Utd. Don’t even think he has bonded with his teammates well. He really needs a move but at this stage of his career it would be crazy to give up his wages.




he looks like an old man in that piccy…he just looks off, doesnt have that athletic look about him he looks body broken and tired

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that’s what being around Lingard does to you


They couldn’t find a shirt that fit the guy? He looks extremely happy as well :joy::joy:

Every time I see a beard that looks strange and just doesn’t fit I immediately think of this…

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he looks like a hispanic simon cowell

could have been along side Pepe and Auba

Biggest screw up and signing of Mourinho.