Alexis Sánchez


Full name: Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez

Date of birth 19 December 1988
Place of birth Tocopilla, Chile
Height 1.69 m
Playing position Forward Winger


Juventus chairman: ‘Arsenal have told us Alexis Sanchez isn’t for sale at any price.’


So they can fuck off :wenger:. Not even for 80 mil i’d sell him.


Have we ever told a club those words before?


Any news about his injury? when is he expected to comeback?


By arseblog - July 14, 20163

Alexis 7
Reports this morning suggest that Alexis Sanchez could miss the start of the season as he recovers from an ankle injury picked up during the Copa America final.

The Chilean star has kept people up to date with his progress via his Instagram account, posting various pictures of his mangled ankle joint which was swollen, bruised and, frankly, disturbing looking – like if you had never seen a foot and were asked to make one from clay after a vague description.

Anyway, speculation that he might not be fit in time for the opening of the new campaign should come as no surprise. Even without an injury, he needed time off to recover from what has been a monstrous physical effort over the last three seasons, so the ankle issue adds another layer to proceedings.

It probably adds some more urgency to Arsenal’s efforts to improve the forward options as Olivier Giroud will be on holidays until the first week of August, Danny Welbeck is likely to miss most of the season with his knee injury, leaving only Theo Walcott as an established option for Arsene Wenger.

The Arsenal manager appeared unconvinced by his efforts last season, but will certainly choose him ahead of the likes of Yaya Sanogo or Chuba Akpom.

Whether Arsenal add new faces before the opener against Liverpool on August 14th remains to be seen, but the need for reinforcements will grow if Sanchez is ruled out.


If he not sold that is :joy:.


Why would he be sold?


I hope about his discipline because he needs more time than his international team mates to recover.



Looks angry… thinking “Wenger, f*ing sign some quality… I am tired of playing with these clowns”


That strip in middle is so fucking weird. It just highlights the tummy line.
Even a ripped person like Sanchez seem like having a paunch.
What fucking designer thought it was a good idea.


The stripe does look pretty rubbish.


Have we signed him again? :wenger:


The game against Liverpool will confirm to Wenger (and us) if Alexis has the qualities to play on upfront as other not proper strikers like Paulo Dybala, Suarez and Sergio Aguero.

When he was in Italy, he played on attack changing the position with Antonio Di Natale during the games, same style with Barça and the same with Chile with Eduardo Vargas. When Giroud will not be on the pitch, he could play in the same role, helped by offensive wingers (especially Iwobi, Campbell and Walcott).


Snail trail.


pls tell me why he is not being slated for his horrible play today? No positional awaerness, to selfish, bad passing as usual and out the game for 90% of the match yet posters on here are ready to jump down theo and ox throat who actually contributed this match yet this guy gets a free ride. This happened last season also so many times he putting a shit show and yet got a free pass


Hope you got your answer.

Because he was played out of position. You might as well have played him in defence. How do you slate him when it was the manager who chose to play him there instead of paying the extra few millions needed to secure a proper striker. Arsene Wenger is responsible for Alexis’ poor show yesterday. 8 milion a year and he get’s away scot-free year after year.


Alexis isn’t a centre forwards arsehole, this must not be deemed an option.


I didn’t even realize he was on the pitch most of the time.

For not slating him, I guess that has to do with him still having a bit of credit for simply being the better footballer and not expecting him starting upfront for us to be a good idea to begin with.


Don’t play him upfront ever again Arsene. It didn’t work in 2014 and it didn’t work yesterday. Actually buy a striker instead of moving our best winger out of position. That means spending money though and I know you hate that.