Alexis Sánchez


Really? Fuck me this guy’s agent must be the best in the business :joy:


The chinese would treat his dogs better i suppose. Getting eaten for dinner is nothing compared to the daily abuse they are getting every night atm.


Agree with Cara. He was just as bad for us last season. He’s lost something from his game since 16/17 ended with the best season of his career


or Mourinho is the elephant in the room for Mourinho.


I hear he started as number 9 today.
Now I am concerned. I really rate him in that position.




Alexis, fraud alpha.


Lol some rumours saying that he is thinking of leaving Manu for pay next season…I wonder why? If that genuinely happens with all the recent transfers leg have had they should be investigated because no fucking way does Sanchez go for a huge pay cut.


Out for 6 weeks with a hamstring injury so it’s possible he’s played his last game of 2018

What a year for him :joy:


Van Aanholt is awesome, though


Imagine being a forward for one of the world’s biggest clubs, on 500k a week, and not being able to outscore Chris fucking Smalling.

Just retire lad.


Why should he retire, if this is his best chance of doubling his net worth, by staying until the end of his contract, a chance he probably won’t run into again. 99% of people would do likewise.


He’s been out for 44 weeks already this year. They’ll be fine without him for another 6.


He played his hand pretty well in terms of getting a big contract but his continued failure at United is so so so fun to watch.


So we got the last good version of Sanchez :wenger:


…but can you be out if you were never… in?


Its funny to see people blaming Jose for his form when the truth is Alexis was on the slide before he even got to United. He sees plenty of the ball at United and loses it the same way he did with us.

I think for a lot of people his form is a shock but for Arsenal fans we had to put up with him losing the ball and misplacing simple passes on a weekly basis and it says a lot about him that very few people really cared when he was leaving.


I’m with you but there’s on the slide and there’s this shadow of a player that is turning out for United.

Even Sanchez on the wane should be able to get the business done, it’s very odd. Will be interesting to see what the future holds because Jose won’t last another season, I don’t necessarily think he’d be this bad at City.

One thing is for certain and that’s that there’s more to damn near every player in that United squad, Jose is clearly not the man to get it out of them.


Nothing odd about a player on the decline who has worn his body down over the years through his style of play and lack of extended breaks and well as having £14m guaranteed as basic post tax wage

Not with a challenger too, where is the motivation to perform to the highest level or refine your game?

Would have been a total coup for Arsenal to get rid of him if we didn’t swap him for a unproductive player in a identical situation


It’s a rapid decline though for a player that still managed 30 goals in all comps in the 16/17 season.