Alexis Sánchez


Really? Fuck me this guy’s agent must be the best in the business :joy:


The chinese would treat his dogs better i suppose. Getting eaten for dinner is nothing compared to the daily abuse they are getting every night atm.


Agree with Cara. He was just as bad for us last season. He’s lost something from his game since 16/17 ended with the best season of his career


or Mourinho is the elephant in the room for Mourinho.


I hear he started as number 9 today.
Now I am concerned. I really rate him in that position.




Alexis, fraud alpha.


Lol some rumours saying that he is thinking of leaving Manu for pay next season…I wonder why? If that genuinely happens with all the recent transfers leg have had they should be investigated because no fucking way does Sanchez go for a huge pay cut.