Alexis Sánchez


Greedy little bastard .


well… if someone pay me that amount of money… I really don’t care how people call me names…
Instead, I probably would give you some tips if you give me a good one :slight_smile:


He wasn’t going to compete for the Premier League or the Champions League at Arsenal anyway and Arsenal fucked him out of a move to Manchester City. He might aswell have chosen the money. He had nothing to gain here.


Didnd’t he fuck himself out of a move to City?

Don’t think we’re to blame there.


Maybe in January but in August we quite rightly turned down their transfer deadline day bid as we couldn’t get Lemar


Alexis would have stayed at Arsenal if the money was right. He was never interested in seriously competing


Yep, Arsenal couldn’t afford both Ozil and Alexis’ new wages. Arsene made it very clear that he understood that Alexis wanted one last big contract. Safe to say he got exactly what he wanted.


I hope his dogs don’t get excited when he comes home.


Well done Agent Alexis…

Now move to city…:henry2:




you meant this brother???


I love this guy, scores 80 in 165 for Arsenal, then goes to United on 500k a week and delivers this tripe.


Arsene’s Arsenal broke him.


I’m proper happy he has totally fucked it at United as he’s been probably my favourite Arsenal player from recent years. Was a top 3 best in the league player with us


Watching him flop at United has been ridiculously satisfying.


No surprise he’s done so badly at UTD. Let’s be honest, his last few months with us weren’t exactly great either. I don’t think it’s down to just Jose that he’s playing bad. I think he’s one of those player’s who on the wane, plus he seem’s like a massive loner and I’m sure he’s already pissed off some of the UTD players with his attitude.

We got his best years, and he was great for us. But I wouldn’t take him back imo, I don’t think he’s a great influence to have around and I don’t imagine him taking a pay cut. I be surprised if he get a big club wiling to take him on.


He’ll just be at United until his contract runs out now, no one will take on his wages I wouldn’t have thought considering he’s on the cusp of 30 and has 4 years to run.


Maybe under a new manager he might come back to some kind of form. But I wouldn’t want him around if I was UTD’s new manager. He’s just a bad influence to have around for morale. He can form a dirty poor background, so I agree he won’t drop those wages even if he becomes a bit part player. It seems like he’s supporting his whole family. If he was willing to cut his wages, I’m sure a Juventus or PSG might take him on, but that’s just pulling at straws at best.


I’m sure the next manager at United will see Alexis in his plans, but even if he isn’t, the dog loving bastard is going to see out the full length of his contract there.

The money he is on won’t be replicated anywhere else barring some ridiculous offer from China.


He won’t go there.
They love dogs too much.
Preferably served with chips and peas :grinning: