Alexis Sánchez


I don’t think Alexis decline has anything to do with Jose. I think there’s a reason a lot of us weren’t disappointed he left and that’s because we could not only see his decline but we could clearly see that he was a footballer who over complicated everything and often played for himself. He’s carried that over to United only he’s even less of a player now so his flaws are much more evident.

Can’t say I’m anything other than absolutely ecstatic as I never took to him tbh


Think quite a few of us disliked him - when I mentioned he was a one trick pony that kept trying to chip the ball every opportunity he got it became clear to me he only ever played for himself.



His decline the past 2 years has nothing to do with him physically. It’s 100% mentally. He got too cocky in his last days at Arsenal and now he can’t enforce his stamp in that Man Utd team, that being bc of the players there or Mourinho I don’t know. It was predictable though.
I still think that if we wanted it he would renew with us. Pretty positive Arsene was given 2 choices, Ozil or Sanchez. Club couldn’t handle both of their wages. He chose Ozil and he did well. It explains why Arsene never blamed Alexis or threw a sly dig like he sometimes does instead of explaining the situation straight forward.


Bloke scored 30 goals for us in the 16/17 season, anyone who doesn’t think he was elite for most of his time at us is kidding themselves.


Nobody doubts his ability. The guy is a fantastic player. Unfortunately, he thinks too much of himself and that can be a terrible factor for him and his team. It has been more than obvious that in his last year and a half in the team that he fell out with his teammates. Arsene let him too much rope and he became too cocky, never accepting anyone else’s take or that he could do bad and most importantly complaining non-stop. I love his work-rate and his favela-esque hunger he shows, he’s a joy to watch at times but even us fans were bothered by his antics in the end.


Think he is declining and should adapt his game as Man United and Arsenal require much different things from their wingers.

He should go back to playing RW and putting in some boss crosses.

Either that or CF but Lukaku is better and deserves the minutes instead.

Being a free LW cutting inside or doing whatever the fuck isn’t really working out.


Absolutely, he was clearly burnt out (and still shows some of the symptoms afaikt). But I don’t think Wenger had to choose between him and Ozil. He wanted out irrespective of the contract Arsenal were offering, he desperately wanted out. Why has this happened? He was giving his best and despite some personal achievements, he never really won significant things with the club. Add to this the fact that he was highly isolated among the player, you obtain the present Alexis Sanchez.


Yeah, Wenger might have been given a choice and opted for Ozil. Sanchez made Wengers life easier by wanting to leave and Ozil never really attracted much attention from other clubs anyway. It was a no brainer.

If, indeed, it did boil down to Wenger choosing who he wanted to keep, we would never know about it. Not even Sanchez would know, otherwise he’d bleat on about how he’d been ousted out of the club, a bit like Paddy Vieira still does to this day. All in all, it makes Wenger’s book all the more readable whenever he decides to pen it


This is what they deserve for nabbing RvP. If anything we should’ve helped pay his wages at United to make the deal more fair :arteta:


Come on now, 6 months before he left he was arguably the best player in the league. Yes he is and was selfish but most on here defended that ‘at least he makes things happen’ etc. Even in his last 6 months when he wasn’t as good he scored 8 and assisted 2 in 18 starts, so was on course for about 16 goals and 4 assists which is very good. Since then he has 3 goals and 4 assists in 18 starts. Under Mourinho he certainly gets far less freedom, no false 9, and less attacking numbers to support him. For those reasons I thought it might not work out and it isn’t. If he went to City instead he’d be getting much better numbers in that system.


You’ve only got to look at the other world class and potential talent 8n the team to see that it’s got to be in part to Mourinho. He’s known for Stifling talent and his negative brand of football.

When they announced him as their new coach, everyone in world football called it, the style of football they’d end up playing but somehow they’re the ones that are still surprised.


The thing is though someone’s decline can happen pretty dramatically and that’s what’s happened in Sanchez case. Don’t think we can blame Jose for him trying to do the same shit he did at Arsenal and it predictably not working out. Everything from his touch, his passing, his sharpness and reactions have definitely slid.

I have no doubt under another manage he’d find a way to pad his stats with some goals and assists but the player himself is definitely past his best. I’d be very surprised if he ever replicated his 30 goal season under any manager to be honest.


At City he would have flourished.


All the attacking players have performed worse under Mourinho though. Before Mourinho got them Mkhitaryan had 20 assists and 13 goals and Pogba had 9 goals and 14 assists. Many attacking players don’t like his tactics. Martial and Rashford have become stunted, Mata has been coming up with his lowest ever end product. Those 2 should of really pushed on, as should Pogba, they’ve all gone backwards if anything though. Zlatan went from 43 goals to 23. Now some of those were weaker leagues but the attacking players have all played worse.

It’s largely tactics for me. That and the fact Alexis got a little overrated in his 30 goal season where he was a false 9. He was never going to do those type of numbers on the wing. And he’s playing deeper than ever because of Mourinho’s bus where he has far less time in the attacking third. His overdribbling and ball retention which was crap anyway was always going to be a bigger problem playing deeper.


This is what happens when you go for vanity signings and sign a player just so your rival doesn’t get him. To be fair to Sanchez though, he started off well – that was a terrific performance on the piano :ok_hand:


I’m not totally convinced he’s in total decline but if by season’s end he doesn’t get respectable numbers it’s not a good look.

Even someone like Sanchez with his almost superhuman stamina will begin to drop off somewhat physically at 30 plus and since he’s whole game is centered around his physicality he may need to alter his game a la Ronaldo.

Jose can have an adverse effect on players but even so you would expect Sanchez to be doing a lot more regardless, the whole thing is very amusing. He chose the money rather than glory at City.


I wonder if he would be suffering the same fall out if he went to City instead? Theoretically, I think he’d thrive under Pep again but may have suffered mentally with being hooked off or not starting every game.


He never had superhuman stamin lol ! He is just faking it for the camera. Always on the bottom of the distance covered and sprints made list. Fraudxis Sanchfraud


Alexis in his time with us was averaging 3.4-3.6 shots per game including in the last season. At United he’s averaged 1.6-1.8 shots per game. He’s simply not in the danger zones often enough.