Alexis Sánchez



Sanchez and Mourinho aren’t suited at all.

Sanchez is a flair player that shines when he is allowed to express himself.
Mourinho is a strict tactician who relies on effective but not very entertaining football, so why would Sanchez think that he was the right manager for him?

Ther£ mus£ be a r£ason bu£ I can’t £hink wha£ i£ is.


Wenger made him a top tier player. He was a good winger at Barca, we made him into a player the footballing world considered a world beater, a player who scored 30 goals in a season and was amongst the top 10-15 best footballers in the world on most lists in 2016. One of many players Wenger took and bumped up a notch.

Then the hubris kicked in and he went for the moolah and Mou isn’t getting anything out of him. Him and his shit dogs lol

(no dog was harmed in the writing of this post)


Did he tho? Or did we just get his peak years?


I think he was given a lot of freedom to express himself with us (good and bad) and we got his absolute peak years and he probably ran himself ragged with us a bit - his style was always going to make him susceptible to burnout imho… plus, some offensive players just DO NOT click with a Mourinho team…


Agree that Wenger should be given credit for getting the best out of him. He posted the best stats of his career at Arsenal, and whilst we had his prime years, you can’t disregard all of that. He was one of the best players in the league for basically his entire time at Arsenal.

However, I do think he had world class ability when we bought him. It’s just that at Barca, he was just another fish in a pond where Messi was the megalodon. Messi was racking up insane stats in those three years, probably the peak of his career so Sanchez was understandably playing second / third fiddle to that.


I think something in his personal life really fucked him up.

He was immense for us. He’d turn up like a 18 yr old kid trying to impress on his debut every game. Then suddenly he’s not got that enthusiasm anymore. Not sure why but his passion has taken a hit for some reason.

Im sure he doesnt give a shit now anyway seeing as hes on ridiculous money.


Honestly think it was Chile not qualifying for the world cup. Was probably his last chance to play in one

Also redcafe are prepared to go to desperate measures to get rid of him :joy::joy::joy:

Could we not just sneak some PED’s in his food and wait for the anti doping people to get him. Then sack him for being a drug cheat


If we had somehow managed to get Martial for him, that would have been the biggest steal ever for us.

Proper payback for Silvestre and Welbeck.

He should have angled for a move back then, he’d be balling for us but now looks like shit for them and seems to be in a crap situation.


and RvP handing them a title


Speaking of Martial.
Funny how these expensive signings not only didn’t work but they also took away game time from Martial who would have benefitted from increased game time.


He was as shit as this under Wenger. His dip from the top class performer he was started almost a year before he left and most of us were overjoyed to see the back of him for a reason.

Something is wrong with him, maybe physically and I doubt it’ll get better if it hasn’t yet. He just doesn’t look as sharp and agile as he used to and I think it goes beyond bad form. If it is physical decline then player like him won’t be able to mask their weaknesses because his strengths were physical or at least relied on his body to do a lot of the work rather than his brain. His game was never knowing the perfect moment to pop up for a tap-in or seeing a pass nobody else could, even as a CF a lot of his goals and assists involved a lot of running and turns and individual effort.

I can’t remember him really having a great game between say April 2017 and now. He’s had games where he’s made chances and got on the scoresheet but not a single game where I’ve thought I wow maybe this guy really is still world class.


Amazing that he scored a goal every other game for us and yet at United he’s going at like 1 goal in 8 or something.


Passion, personal life affecting football career, what is this nonsense you are blabbering. :xhaka:


Think he has only himself to blame. He has run himself to the ground in the last years.


I saw a picture of him in the Daily Mail wearing a Gucci scarf, I think it’s sapping his ability :giroud:


I think with a different manager at United he’d be a much better player, which goes for pretty much all their midfielders and forwards.


I have not seen him play for united but I find it hard to believe that he is not giving his all.
He used to run around harassing opponents into submission and was genuinely world class for us.

The guy used to keep himself in excellent conditions, often training on off days and what not. He is only 29, not 32.

Something is off.


I think it’s the mourinho effect.


There’s a lot to be said for the Wenger effect where you are loved and allowed to enjoy your football, allowing creativity and just being/playing to your strengths. Wenger had a knack for accommodating a players complete game and allowing them to flourish - unfortunately to the point they start to believe their own hype and start taking the piss. As for Mourinho well he knows how to crush a players spirit and thats the difference between the two men. Mourinho as a human is destructive because he believes his own hype. No matter what Sanchez says he will be missing in the game because he is stifled and an unhappy players game shows that - internally I bet he misses what he had at Arsenal a platform to flourish - although the money at Utd will ease his unhappiness.