Alexis Sánchez


anything to abuse the one footed crossing merchant :arteta:


With us, running up & down the mountain.
With them, doritos


The Daily Mail can make an article from a fart. Terrible newspaper.


Yeah. The thing is though, at Mail Online and other websites, the staff are given targets – they have to produce a certain amount of stories each per shift. It’s all quantity > quality there. That’s why you see a lot of dross, the staff want to leave ontime.

Speaking of dropping things in Tesco though, I dropped a whole punnet of blueberries in the store last week, they rolled everywhere. I run away :laughing:


You run away? So you left everything there? :xhaka:


Why didn’t he get an ocado delivery? The cheap fuck.


Correct response.


hah fair enough.


Terrible. Blueberries are amazing. Did you buy a new batch after your accident?


Can’t believe you left the blueberries


Don’t like them that much, tbh.


I heard she went to go play with the Cranberries afterwards.



Too soon man.


Only in my dreams




That’s just a Ridiculous Thought :grinning: