Alexis Sánchez


anything to abuse the one footed crossing merchant :arteta:


With us, running up & down the mountain.
With them, doritos


The Daily Mail can make an article from a fart. Terrible newspaper.


Yeah. The thing is though, at Mail Online and other websites, the staff are given targets – they have to produce a certain amount of stories each per shift. It’s all quantity > quality there. That’s why you see a lot of dross, the staff want to leave ontime.

Speaking of dropping things in Tesco though, I dropped a whole punnet of blueberries in the store last week, they rolled everywhere. I run away :laughing:


You run away? So you left everything there? :xhaka:


Why didn’t he get an ocado delivery? The cheap fuck.


Correct response.


hah fair enough.


Terrible. Blueberries are amazing. Did you buy a new batch after your accident?


Can’t believe you left the blueberries


Don’t like them that much, tbh.


I heard she went to go play with the Cranberries afterwards.



Too soon man.


Only in my dreams




That’s just a Ridiculous Thought :grinning:


Take the



Immensely talented guy but it seems he’s too self centred and believes his own hype, and does whatever he wants, regards how it effects the rest. No wonder our team had enough of him last season.


So fucking funny he’s flopped at those cunts


Honestly I’ve completely forgotten about him. It’s amazing just has little he has done there. Whilst he was absolutely fantastic for us at times I always felt that he wasn’t worth the attitude and the showing off when the going got tough. It was the same at Barca too where he often went missing for certain periods of the season (although he’s still obviously a very good player on his day)