Alexis Sánchez


Welcome to the 21 century cyber world.


he is an odd little hobbit


I think its nice of Alexis to give a reason to his ex to not regret the breakup.
She would feel so better off now.


Fckn Dickhead !!


every night i cry of joy thinking about the 500 k per week this dogshagging hobbbit pockets from Manure. Its just hilarius !


Her Majesty’s revenue and customs are pretty happy about it too. :sunglasses:


He was smashing it under Wenger.


Smashing what? The dogs?


You actually must be boring yourself at this stage.


Did I say something false?


It’s funny how this guy used to play the angry guy in our team yet I never see him complaining as much at Man Utd. That salary must really act as a sedative for his volatile behavior. That, or just like at Barca, he realized what a fraud Alpha he is and he just looks to the ground when Pogba passes by, just like he did with Messi.


Did I say you did?


We simply run him into the ground. Now he is just devoid of any energy.


I think it’s more a case of ‘take the money and run’. Just not in the on-the-pitch sense. Can’t blame him, though, working for a prat like Maureen.


i agree, but at the same time it makes more sense being happy. It is like you are in a job paying £150k a year and you are happy and you love the staff and you have a great time there but then you decide to move to another place for 50k more and be utterly miserable and the new place doesnt value you or your work. Its even more of a bizzare thing with Sanchez because with what Arsenal were will to pay him its a LOT of money, after a while when you are getting paid so much you have gotta think about your happiness levels. With sanchez he has so much money so why go to somewhere where you are miserable for a few extra quid that in the grand scheme of things wont make that much of a difference to your lifestyle.


Id imagine he had seen us stagnate and didnt see us progressing under Wenger.




Well your post directed at me wasn’t very self explanatory, so my assumption is that you disagreed with my statement.


New low for Alexis. His career has sky dived since joining Ratchester :arteta:


Daily Mail really scraping the barrel for news there. Man drops crisps outside supermarket