Alexis Sánchez


I wouldn’t laugh at United because Sanchez might come good or whatever.
But then I recall how much they are paying him and are going to continue paying him.

Even if he comes good, I don’t see that many great season left in him.


He is totally unsuited to a manager like Mourinho, who is a strict tactician, who prefers work rate and disciplined performances over skill and flair.
That’s why his best players were normally defensive ones like Matic, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovich etc, but the more skilful players like Hazard, Mata and even Ronaldo, didn’t get on with him.

If Mourinho does get sacked, which I hope he doesn’t, and they get a manager who allows players to express themselves, then Sanchez will get back to the player he was for us.

Wenger to Man U maybe? :grinning:


So boring :xhaka:


What is he going to be working his frustrations out on them :henry2:


You know, I mentioned this to someone in passing that Wenger may be suited to a bit part, to-the-end-of-season role with Manchester United. I’m certain he’d steady the ship there and make them a force again (well, at least a lot better than this shite they’re playing right now)


Er, nope. I can’t see Maureen and Wenger in any kind of collaboration.


Gonna be going full Jerry Lee Lewis on the old joanna.


No no, not a collaboration. A dismissal of mourinho leading to the appointment of Wenger until the end of the season





I really don’t think Wenger is a caretaker kind of guy


Yeh, like Craigie, I don’t see AW stepping into that role. I’m very much of the ‘keep Maureen there’ brigade, just because I want to witness his grand finale.


Just for arguments sake would love Wenger to go there, turn Utd round, make the comment to Mourinho about being a serial wasteman and then leave :wink: !!!


I don’t like the turn united around part.
I don’t wanna see Wenger back in PL again.


Don’t worry Wenger wouldn’t turn them around or join them. United wouldn’t want him either


I wouldn’t want to see Wenger at United, but wouldn’t be against seeing him back in the Prem. Maybe at somewhere like Bournemouth. It’d be like one big holiday for him and he could buy a mansion on the Sandbanks inbetween Harry Redknapp and @Craigie :grin:


I don’t think Wenger will go there, but if Man U were mid table after half the season and they needed someone to clear up the mess, then Wenger would be in a perfect position.
If he doesn’t turn it round he can blame Mourinho and if he does, then he will be a hero to the Man U supporters that regularly hurled abuse at him.




What a weird little fucker. He left her for the dogs im told.


They probably had an argument and it went like:

Girlfriend: “It’s me or the dogs.”

Sanchez: “See ya,”
“Don’t forget to close the door when you leave.”


Did he actually create a slideshow to announce that he and his gf are no more? How old is this guy again and what year is this?