Alexis Sánchez


@discobot fortune did you do it?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


@shamrockgooner :open_mouth:


Like I said…


What the fuck is this sorcery


It was just a bug in the system, not another user. Nothing to worry about mate




Not in the Utd squad for todays game…Hope he isn’t stropping…lololol


What a terrible move it was for Utd to get him. He really broke the unity that Mournho somehow shaped at United. That squad is filled with average-good pkayers mixed with a bunch of starboys who all want to be heroes. Terrible balance.


He picked up an injury in training


Probably done his hamstring during his Atom and Humber sex marathon.




This from redcafe

Jose got rid of Rooney.

Then proceeded to bring in another version.




We got the best out of him, then we sold him as soon as he looked finished. Love it! :wenger:


Sanchez will be our major threat in the 19/20 Europa League campaign.


Odd comment but nah.


United will finish 5th/6th and he’ll be a key player under a new manager, so won’t be a great shock if he’s a threat to us in next seasons Europa League campaign…


We aren’t in Europa next season as we are winning it!! :azerbaijan::trophy:


He went to United to “win everything” you know :smile:

The way he’s going, I doubt he could even win a game of Ping Pong against his dogs!


I just feel sorry for the dogs. They are getting an extra rough treatment this week.