Alexis Sánchez


Has to be personal problems coupled with a dysfunctional Man U team. The decline is way too steep in every regard.


The decline was evident and it is just continuing now at United. I’m sure that he could do better in ideal circumstances, because he isn’t this desperately fucking shit, but this isn’t remotely surprising for people who watched him closely in his last season or so with us.


Although our swap with Mikky hasn’t exactly reaped much in the way of rewards, the timing of being able to sell Alexis when we did couldn’t have been timed any better. We really managed to get him at his absolute peak. The first two years with us were some of the best football from one player since we moved to the Emirates.

Maybe he can’t find a woman who loves his doggies in the same way he does that’s getting him down :dog:


He loves them damn dogs so much that he has a framed photo of himself with them… next to the exact same photo! He is such a weirdo.


That can’t be real surely? :joy: :joy: Jesus christ. Even his dog is looking at him thinking "What’s the bloody matter with you :bellerin: "


I fucking love pets but that is legitimately fucking weird :joy:


Stop being so mean (and not just you, Phoebica, but everyone!). So the guy hasn’t adapted so well to the new group, i.e. if the rumors are to be believed he doesn’t have a lot of friends. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, on the contrary. It should provoke compassion, not scorn.

Him turning to dogs is probably a coping mechanism.


You’re a weird cunt too


(I mean, I get that this is sort of a joke, this whole thread, and making fun of Sanchez is sort of funny, but still, it bothers me a bit, making fun of someone’s suffering).

In fact, by all mean, I’m happy he’s not doing to good at Utd, by the way.


I think you are a bit of a tool.


I said it in jest, it was wasn’t meant seriously at all. Apologies if it was offensive.

But seriously. It’s got nothing to do with adapting to “a new group”. He was a weird dog nonce at Arsenal too. At both clubs he’s been surrounded by a varied group of personalities and nationalities and yet he seems to build no relationships with those around him, and hangs out with his dogs instead.

He could have a significant other, many close friends outside of football, and various loved family members. Instead all you see is him with multiple photos of his two dogs, instead of actual people.

That is legitimately fucking weird.



I pity you too much to destroy you


I am scared.



We are just kidding, tbh.

Or not?



No offense taken.

I guess that’s what I’m objecting to. Assigning that weirdo label, instead of showing a bit of compassion.


People’s obsession with Alexis’ obsession about his dogs is more creepy than Alexis’ actual obsession with his dogs!

fact that people still talk about it is nonsensical


Find a normal person who would have two identical framed photos of themselves with their two pets right next to each other and I’ll accept your point.

Edit: I hadn’t even noticed the third picture on the left. It’s different to the other two, but still just him and his two dogs :joy:

There’s no obsession here. It’s just people laughing at an ex player that we don’t like, honestly think you’re reading into it too much.

@ekr Why would I show him compassion, I don’t understand why you’d expect that of Arsenal fans. And to amateurly diagnose mental illness is a bit off key. He’s just a bit weird.


The truth is, he really does have some psychological issues, and people’s reaction to that shows that mental health issues still carry a big stigma. Dogs are merely his coping mechanism.

But, I get it, I bumped into this thread in the wrong way. I understand this is all fun and jokes, and I took it all a bit too seriously.