Alexis Sánchez


It wasn’t, and conversely, if he was here, I bet we’d still lose to Brighton, Ostersund and City etc.


He stopped our season completely falling apart like it is now in the 1st half of the season, it’s unbelievable to think some thought he was holding us back


Nah we were considerably better in the first third of the season in terms of our possession play than we are now and it isn’t because of Sanchez. We have become a hell of a lot worse from a position where we already weren’t playing to the required level.


True. Hollywood player capable of amazing things mind.

Need less of that at the club.



Feel sorry for those people who bought into his act.


I would still side with the player who scored 25 or some goals that season rather than the bunch who have collectively not managed to do so so far in 2018.


Nah fck Sanchez, football is a TEAM game !!


I want to know more about the current Arsenal affairs, not something that did not mean much in the past.
Can these so-called “insiders” just move on?
Like a guy who could never recover from breaking up with the girl and bad mouth and back stab her for fun.

Fucking move on, can you???
I did not hear something similar when he scored 30 for us.
It is really cheap shot and no class.


Said that a looooong time ago that he was all for himself and ‘look at me’ but did fuck all for the team unless it made him look like the star. Holding the ball too long, the hollywood passes that lead to counters etc, but people thought i was just antsy about him. Sure he did grind my gears but also the reason why he did is because he seemed so fucking sly with how he did things. I hate underhanded people that play things so they look good to others but behind closed doors are absolute cunts. I just saw it in him.


Out in the last 16 again! :rofl:


Out in the last 16 is still better than no chance to participate…


Oh c’mon! Let us take the piss for a while :kos2:



Sorry that I spoil your mood…

Ok, let’s try… :slight_smile:


The arsenal club photographer :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Screenshotted incase he deletes it hah


Mourinho persevering with him on the left will kill United.


Not exactly having the instant impact Utd fans thought he would, this pleases me.

Go to show how much Wenger and the team bent over to get the best out of him


Cheap likes.


Enjoy it while it lasts.


^^ Actually upset because the likes of Tottenham and Manchester United get knocked out of Europe :smile: These modern fans are getting odd