Alexis Sánchez


Whose upset?


Burgundy wants the English teams to do well. Tottenham and Manchester are in England. The hypothesis didn’t take long


If you’re (only) referring to that post above yours I was reading that in a sense that Sanchez is going to do well for Manchester United next season. Something I can see happening too. But maybe I’m wrong.


Yep I expect he will too, for me it’s a race between his talent coming out to shine vs the dressing room destruction he may wreak in the short term. It’s starting to look like we got rid of a bad apple at the right time, not that we’re pulling up any trees but it gets rid of one problem


Redcafe are slating him; they are calling for to be dropped.


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I don’t go on there too often, but Redcafe is great bedtime reading tonight.

I don’t care that Sanchez will in all likelihood get better at some point. I live for the right now. And right now, i’m finding the tweets/comments about him hilarious :grin:



Seriously though, who put a curse on him?

He shouldn’t be this bad at all, he’s playing like an absolute scrub.


I reckon all the negative focus on him in the past 6 months or so has really affected him personally and his performances. He definitely isn’t the Sanchez we had at Arsenal for the best part of 3 years. He was adored here and his performances got better and better for us, till recent times of course. He’s not getting that admiration now and I think he needs it.


I guess some blame has also got to be out on Mourinho too. Both Alexis and Pogba are not being properly managed and utilised by him!


Could well be although a lot of it is down to himself as he clearly stopped giving a fuck quite a while ago.

Think we’ll be seeing a different animal next season though and he’ll be getting plenty of rest with no WC for Chile.

Is amusing to see him going through this, he passed on City for this bollocks? Dumb ass move.


Completely forgot about that. Could well be a factor of his mood.



Pretty much

Turns out all of the whispers about him being a petulant baby were true.


He was gone near the end of last season. He had suddenly lost a yard of pace and couldn’t take on his defender in one on one situations. Even when he was predictable cutting in from the left, he could still beat his man and make something happen, but of late he lost his quickness and couldn’t get past the blocking full backs. On top this, his liking for Hollywood stuff would never help any team.

Could be fatigue or he could very well be done for good, will only see next season.


Hopefully we got career best Alexis at Arsenal and he’s cooked now lol. But I’m still tipping him to have a pretty big impact next season.


Sanchez is a flair player and he is playing for a manager who doesn’t treat his influential flair players properly.

It happened at Chelsea when he didn’t get on with Hazard and Mata.
It also happened when he was a Real Madrid when there was friction, because of his style of play, with Ronaldo, and then at Man U with Mkhitayran, Pogba and Sanchez.

Mourinho plays effective but boring football, and no matter how much he tries, he can’t integrate players like this into his mainly defensive style of play.
Also, he has a massive ego and doesn’t seem to be able to control it when dealing with these type of players.

I’m surprised the Man U supporters have not started to complain before, because they can’t enjoy watching world record signings playing his style of football.


For them, not for us :ozil2: