Alexis Sánchez


That could be the case


Actually he had it pretty easy here. He didn’t run as much as it seemed, as far as statistics say. Maybe they are calling him on it. Anyways, I still thought that story was great. Trouble in paradise already.


Yeah that’s kind of what I’m alluding to, there’s no way he gets the total freedom to do what the fuck he wants like he did here. You’d think that would take some adjustment.


Sign him back in the summer when hopefully Wenger leaves :mustafi:


Swap back? na thanks. We’ll keep the Soviet. :mkhi::mkhi::mkhi:


Reported for abusing someone based on his nationality! :mustafi:

Apart from joke, i think it’s starting to be a Sanchez problem. Wherever he goes he finds tactical problems.


Not the most reliable source, but apparently, Sanchez asked Mourinho not to sign more offensive players :arteta:


I’d win on appeal… Grounds: Born in USSR. :stuck_out_tongue:


How’s that improved form without this guy disrupting the dressing room going ?


Our players took cheap shots on Sanchez but could not back up what they said by their pathetic on field performance.


He isn’t having a good time at United, tbh. The fact is that he has had problems at Barca, with us and at United. Maybe there is something wrong with him.


But some people on this site said he was holding us back, what’s our record been since his departure ?


He was part of the problem, imo. Just look at his career.


In Alexis defence I think he’s only played in 3 of our 15 losses this campaign.


I’d agree, he’s been a pretty disruptive force throughout his career. When you’ve had problems at the last couple of clubs you’ve been at, the problem with him definitely lies a bit closer to home than he’d like to admit.


Exactly. He is a very difficult player to use tactically, imo. He always wants to play for himself and not the team.




I don’t bother to go back and check… multiple players mentioned on their tweeter…said Sanchez not talking to teammates during training, he is a lone wolf…
At least a few.


Elneny made a very pointed remark about now having a set of players who would fight for the club (that worked out well :rofl:), clearly referencing Alexis. Can’t think of any others though.


at least 2 or 3 more than that… but doesn’t matter, Sanchez is gone, and our players proved that Sanchez’s presence WAS NOT the factor why they played like shit.

That’s all I need to know.