Alexis Sánchez


Yep. Seems like his best performce in a United shirt came when he played the piano in the reveal video!


You know, playing a piano requires fitness in the fingers much like playing football requires fitness in the legs. Alexis’ piano playing clearly requires more wrist exercises.:wink:






good for him the money grabbing sod



Lol! You wanted to leave? You get it now.


I watched their game against the Chavs yesterday. Apart from a part in Lukaku’s goal, he looked lost and ignored for most of the time. There was little of him chasing down everything in sight, wanting to be in on everything like was here.

It’s almost as if Maureen has told him to stay out of the way. A peculiar situation, indeed.


I am sure the money makes up for it huh Sanchez, if not tough shit.


If you are going to pay the highest wages in the PL to a player and disrupt the little harmony they had in the dressing room, at least make sure that player is the best in the team.

I wasn’t surprised Sanchez wanted to leave but I thought it was to win trophies and play great football with other world class players.

It’s difficult to have any sympathy for any player earning more than 300k a week and who made the decisions himself.

He should have realised that Mourinho wasn’t going to be the right manager for such a flair player like him?
He obviously didn’t watch how he treated Hazard when he was manager of Chelsea.


He just saw the money. That’s it. End of.

Forget all that ‘winning trophies’ bollocks. That said, they are in with more of a shout than us this year. Fuck 'em all.


His situation is still miles better than it was here.


But the Schadenfreude is so easy!


Both more strikers than (left) wingers. At least Rashford is. They needed a winger and Sanchez was available. This made and makes sense.

I feel like the laughing at United and Sanchez is a bit too soon (not directed to you). Mourinho has never had a rebuildig job like this one. But in his first season got Champions League qualification via the EL and they have made a big jump forward in the League this season. They actually are progressing… The football might be worthless, but you should know that when hiring Mourinho.


We shouldn’t care. He’s gone, we got a mhiki instead. If he fails, grand, if he doesn’t, meh. It means nothing to me either way apart from the general feeling I have about wanting united to fuck up.


Goddammit there is nothing else to be happy about so I will be happy about this!!!


Being a worker is the most special part of his game. I guess Wenger really does ruin players :mustafi:


I doubt Sanchez of all people doesn’t like being a worker.
It’s the freedom perhaps he craves more


If true, which I’m not convinced of at all, it would be the specific kind of work he objects to imo. He loves running around loads when he has the freedom for it to be predominantly limited to attacking work, I’m not so convinced he’d love being asked to produce that same level of running when a large proportion of it is defensive, disciplined tactical work.