Alexis Sánchez


I honestly reckon (not taking the piss) Bellamy probably had better stats than sanchez has had for Manu thus far!


Ha yeah. A couple of Man United fans keep sending me pictures of him in a United shirt. They desperately want a reaction.

They don’t believe me when I tell them that I was more bothered about Debuchy going to St Etienne!


@Maverick79 was right! Already getting on his back! Fucking love it!


Are those stats getting worse :hipster:


Same stats he’s had all season. I really have no feelings or regrets about his loss.


I’ve always said he affected our play from the first time he came here but I was told I was crazy and it was wenger. Now mourinho have the same issue with him high risk player


It’s four games. Some people would want to chill the fuck out from the desperation of wanting him to fail.


It’s not a case of wanting him to fail, but when he churning out the same sort of numbers you have to at some point analyze the player. Barca may have got rid of him for the flaw in his game


At least the away from has remained just as bad for him despite the move to Manchester so far.



He already had his early look up why did he hesitate on the shot lol


United fans are testing what Sanchez is about when he wants to dribble even himself.


This is a great read.


We had peak Sanchez. Cheers for Mhki lads


At the time, they said they had “robbed” us, even though we got a player for a player who would have left for free in a few months anyway

Here are a selection of tweets I found


The thing is, Signing him wasn’t a mistake, but we all assumed Mourinho wasn’t going to bench his best/2nd best player this season to accommodate him on his favoured side.

A more adventurous manager would play Alexis Striker or at #10 instead of his favoured LW position.

Say what you will about Wenger, playing Alexis Striker last season was good stuff, and something Mourinho seems to be too rigid to do.


Let’s not give Wenger too much credit for this one. He only played Sanchez up top because all his strikers were injured and his only other option was Walcott or Lucas Perez (yeah, I know - who?!?). And he didn’t persist with Sanchez leading the line, as soon as his goal-scoring streak was over and the striker options were back, he moved him back to the left. Wenger would never have played Sanchez as striker if he had other attacking options, he would never play him there with Lukaku in his team, or Aubameyand, or Lacazette.


United fans are furious because Sanchez has probably killed Martial’s career at United. Love it! :wenger:


true, but accidental success due to incompetence beats vindictively sticking to rigid rules for me, in terms of being adventurous.


Sanchez needs tactical freedom and to be the focal point like he was with us. He looks stifled and lost in that side. They already had Martial and Rashford for the left side. Its obvious they took Sanchez purely because he was available without much thought for their team. He’s not playing like a 500k per week player at all.