Alexis Sánchez


It was a joke :xhaka:


Who is this Afcstuff?? Whine like a bitch???
Just let go and move on…




He is simply quoting Ornstein who was in a podcast named arsecast.

Arsenal related Twitter account posting Arsenal related tweets. Don’t see how it is a whine.


You know what

Fuck Sanchez


Yeah if it’s true that he pissed off Koscielny of all people, then he really must have been a difficult person to be with.

I mean Koscielny. He is second only to Cazorla in terms of niceness I reckon.


Don’t know about that. To me Kos has always seemed like a stuffed up, dull and pompous guy. I’d rather hang out with Mert, Mustafi and Cech.


I dont get pompous vibes from him at all


In fairness he is French.:henry2:

Seriously though I don’t really get that vibe from him. Always seems pretty laid back to me.


Good for you.


Sassy pants




ooohhhhhhh get this apparently in a press conf. with wenger someone mentioned sanchez and wenger was saying how he made a mistake by not selling him and one of the reporters was talking about his wages being around 600k and wenger pointed to the ceiling as if to say ‘and the rest’

fucking hell if this is even remotely true, how fucking much is he being paid, whatever it is he is so not worth it, even at 350k the problems he was causing i would be thinking he can fuck right off.


he scores 1 shitty goal and against huddersfield of all teams and has generally being shit, and here is sky


United fans… get used to this.



He also broke the records for most fouled player too tbf.


Actually look at him now and think I can’t believe I ever liked you. Cunt


The match commentary was fucking sickening. And that Scotstwat chiming in, well I almost booted the TV. In the end I did the sensible thing and switched it off after 50-odd minutes.




Lock him up! :henry2: