Alexis Sánchez


That for beastiality yeah?


Makes you laugh. What was it? £800G in back tax? So, he has to pay that up, plus whatever the fine is - I’d guess an amount equal to the tax, so another £800G.

Hmmm . . . a month or so in wages and he escapes 16 months in the slammer. You got the money, you get the justice.


Travesty! Suspended sentence?! Pah! Bet it wouldn’t be a suspended sentence if an average Joe commited the crime.

Hope he repeats the offence. Seeing the reaction of Man United fans, and especially Mourinho, if their £400,000 a week superstar is jailed is something we all need to witness.

Better still, lock up his crappy dogs – that’ll teach him!


Alexis is just like an ex. You have to move on :grinning:


If an average Joe committed the crime of 800 grand tax evasion?

@giner it’s nothing to do with how much money he has that he won’t go to jail…

In Spain, only sentences more than 24 months are met with actual jail time although Sanchez will be incarcerated if he commits a similar crime within the next two years.


Hard to commit a similar crime in Spain when he hasn’t lived in the country for 4 years haha


Yeah, every country’s laws are different. Never been in that position, nor likely to be. :slight_smile:


But tax fraud in Spain carries a penalty of 2-6 years, and yet footballers always receive less than the bare minimum of 24 months and avoid a custodial sentence.

Messi got 21 months for defrauding 4.1 million.


Are you geniunely surprised :roll_eyes:


I’m not surprised in the least.


Ok, 2-6 years…is there anything to back up that getting imprisoned when it’s not footballers who are guilty is the norm? Or is the general way they approach it that if you can pay the back tax and the penalties you walk?

it’s objectively the right decision anyway to impose fines over prison given that Messi will probably pay multiples in tax over the cost of sending him to prison and in the case of Alexis if they wanted to jail him they’d probably have to seek extradition which would again cost more than they can recoup.


I understand the economic argument for not making them serve a custodial sentence, even if it is immoral.


Mourinhio, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Sanchez all guilty as fuck. Watch Glenn Murray come out worse than the lot of them now.


Dunno about immoral. There’s a really valid line of thought out there that people shouldn’t be getting sent to jail for first offences (other than for violent crimes) which I’d tend to agree with. The economics is only part of it (but probably the most important part here).


I completely agree about not putting people in jail for non violent offences, even if I do think tax fraud is immoral.

But Spanish law says 2-6 years (whether we agree with that or not).


Oh yeah, tax fraud is immoral, don’t want to come across as if I’m defending that. Thought you were saying the not jailing part was immoral.


God no, on the contrary. If it was up to me, over half of our prison population wouldn’t be incarcerated at all. But that’s another discussion.


I know we’re not really in a position to laugh. But I don’t care :smile:


United fans want to take the piss out of us so hard about this transfer when we really don’t give a fuck, that’s the funniest part to me.


They compared Auba to Walcott. Now compare Sanchez to Bellamy :rofl: