Alexis Sánchez


Got absolutely destroyed today, Dele hacking the shit outta him and all I could think of was the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere.


If he go to City, everything makes sense…
I still have no clue why he chose United.
Jumping from one sinking ship to another is not fun.




Got to say, Spuds is too good for United, too good for Sanchez’s United debut.


Croatian facebook page writing about tactics in football showed how alexis and his lack of tactical discipline lost the game to united, see the pictues below.
Alexis loses his position and trippier has too much space.


Well well well…
What I can say and conclude is…
When we were winning, Alexis was God
When we were losing and he left, he is shit.
Cruel reality check.


I think even the most neutral fans can see there is a difference in his play from last season to now. A year ago he was killing it, but this season he’s been in “i don’t give a fuck I’m getting mines” mode. Selfish play. The surprising thing is that he hasn’t gone back to being more of a team player even after his move. Who knows maybe the money he’s making now has changed his attitude.


It was really a tragedy for all parties…
Alexis, “intentionally” screwed up the team play and do whatever at will.
Wenger/Arsenal, can’t afford to “not playing” Sanchez, we sacrificed our game results from his selfish game play.
Even United suffered from his changed of “playing style”.

By simply saying Sanchez is a dog shit player is not quite fair and tell the whole story.


While in general you are right, the post above is regarding his discipline which was something even in his good days were a bit of a problem.

I remember a United goal we conceded in similar fashion where Sanchez came in to tackle a united player and left Valencia in acres of space to send in a cross which was scored.


His debut

We all know Wenger built his tactic around getting the ball to Alexis and letting him dribble and shoot as much as he wanted and Alexis constantly got tackled. Mourinho does have him more tactically disciplined. But according to the stats he was still dispossed 5 times, the video doesn’t show that.

Net result, zero shots taken by Alexis Sanchez against Spuds, zero shots all game. I’m stuggling to find a full 90minutes where that ever happened. He had only 1 shot against Liverpool when he had downed tools. He won’t get as many goals at United



I Agree in general but I think his role changed over the years. Initially we just tried to get the ball to him, he was drafted as an up front type of striker, either like Agüero or put wider as a creator if we rather played one of the high towers up front to hold the ball. That’s also how he got 30 goals in a season for us.

Then I think when we began to struggle getting the ball to the final third at all because mf was poor he was told to drop deeper and help shuffle the ball up there, he was played 10-15y deeper than he’d like to be, teams we played identified it and put in efforts to stop him and his supply and he also wasn’t in front of goal to finish too much either. And so he got poor stats and looked cranky a lot. He wanted to play as a striker I think.

With Mou there will be more space to create but fewer friends to play with. It could help his case at times and work against him other times I think I guess we’ll see.



He is so weird


He sounds like me, just with cats.


Wonder if it’ll be different at United.

Takes one look at Lingard, and runs straight home to his dogs and might not go out the house for a week.

@Calum arsecast sounds lit. Will deffo be giving it a listen now.


I can’t remember the game but I read there’s only one other game he failed to register a shot or key pass in.

Here it is


Love dogs more than us. Good riddance.


@Calum love the shade big Dave gives to Paul Merson. ‘Paul Merson said sell Lacazette and keep Giroud, which was bizarre’



He suggests Raiola approached both clubs at the start of the window suggesting a swap which would make him wanting a fee more understandable.

But in the end he supposedly got paid by United and his client got a good move where he’s going to be loved so I’m going to say fair play to him.


I do also love my pets more than you. Am I now weird because of it?