Alexis Sánchez


I can’t wait to see Mourinho’s face when he does this sort of thing for Man U.


An Arsenal player would never miss a drug test


It’s a good job they didn’t have them when Merson was playing for us.

The drug meter would have gone off the scale :grinning:


Loyalty in football has nearly all but died . The days of one club are nearly over . We all go to work to earn money to better our lives. Sanchez is no different, albeit a greedy bastard, but can you blame him ?
How many of us on here would move to do the same job but at a bigger pay scale ? Double or treble the salary ?
It’s far to say all .
It’s sad that loyalty has gone only to be replaced my the leeches that is the agent .


Alexis has plenty of wealth unlike us normal people, that’s the difference


His earnings are likely to cease in his 30s though and what he makes in Football will be his earnings for as long as he lives unless he finds other ways to maximise his income


Footballers have pretty much always moved on for bigger salaries, I’m not sure if there has been a time when this hasn’t been the case.


I’m always pretty unconvinced by this line…I mean if you gave me one year of his Aresnal salary I’d be pretty set for life.

I know footballers probably buy nicer stuff than I do but still…


More than that…

He IS NOT a British
His hometown IS NOT London
He WAS NOT from Arsenal youth academy
He DID NOT HAVE ANY relationship to Arsenal management, players

Why the hell he has to loyal to Arsenal??? You tell me.

Have less burden and responsibilities and getting a huge raise and have a much better chance to win something bigger than FA Cup, Charity Shield, Emirates Cup and League Cup… WHY NOT??


^ True, dat. He worked here, now he works up norf. End of.


How about loyalty the other way round? It doesn’t exist. If a player is not good enough. They are released or sold to another club.


Would you stay loyal to where you are working now or would you move to do the same job but double or treble your wages ?
If so then YOU aren’t loyal to a company that employed .
And what exactly does not ‘BRITISH’ mean in the context you are talking about?


I meant, there was no reason for Sanchez to be loyal.

Really dislike people abusing the word “loyal”.
We are talking to employer and employee relationship here.
If people insist that there is “loyalty” in between them, then I must ask, what did Wenger/Arsenal do to Sanchez, in order for him to be loyal??
If the club pays him to play, then Sanchez is just a servant.

I would never ask my servant to be loyal to me 100%, as I will not 100% loyal to my employer if there is better offer, better opportunity and better future out there.


Sanchez was hired to do a job and he did his job.
I don’t think he missed a single day of work unlike cunts like Persie. He was so driven in his first 2 seasons, I bet there were days where he was needed to be told to take rest.

Helped us win couple of trophies.

He has no reason to be loyal.



I always thought ‘Alexis’ was quite a stereotypical slut name. Explains everything


People tend to expand their spending to their earnings… but as a mere mortal I agree with you, I could easily save a million pounds and make it go a long way.


Alexis Crystal is yummy…


Alexis who?


They are starting to doubt his signing :ozil: