Alexis Sánchez


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I really doubt he said that lol.


Luca ffs of course he didn’t say that :rofl:


Good, then.


Time to be reminded of this :smile:


When asked for a message for the fans Alexis responds



I’m at a loss for words. I can’t believe Wenger has done it again.


The man is literally a puppy.
Endearing but laughable.


Damn, his salary!!! :astonished: :sanchez2::giroud3: I would work anywhere for that money even if it is playing football in the streets of Gaza strip.


Fixed that for you.


My favourite team is Arsenal.

“I like their attacking play and fast style. Moreover, Arsene Wenger puts faith in young players while demanding results at the same time.

“I like that and want to play there one day.”

^^^ interview from 2009.

"I’d like to play in English football, especially for Manchester United,” he said.

“I like their fast game and the pride the fans show in their team.

“I’d take a move to England before Spain."

^^^^ Sanchez in 2011 while with Udinese, so yeah unlikely but it really did happen lol.

Oh and this lol…


I was going to say that. A couple of our players have tweeted Mkhitaryan to say “welcome” but nothing about Sanchez, lol. There were loads of tweets wishing Theo luck…


Lol yeah starting to believe we just might be extra shitty this year cause of major disharmony in the team…


bound to happen.

  • Ozil & Sanchez were clearly constantly trying to find each other last season, making it obvious they think rest are not on their level. Sometimes you don’t need to imply it in words.
  • We tried to sell Chambers but held back because we were selling Mustafi and then he remained. Isn’t an ideal message to send to either players.
  • Giroud wanted to go, stayed back, became backup to a striker he is supposed to compete for world cup spot.
  • Theo was not being played making it obvious what Wenger wanted from him. Wilshere was not sure about his future. Jenkinson isn’t; so basically the English camp were browsing job portals during first half.
  • Coquelin was another with future instability in his mind.
  • We already have Debuchy sulking around.
  • Per despite being a leader, is no longer an active contributor to team.

Poor player management. Good thing we are doing the transition a bit quicker.


Ha just seen on Twitter that Mustafi is the only one to write a message to Sanchez, on an Instagram story. All it said was “Buena Suerte” - good luck. Compare that to his message for Theo and Coq


Alexis is probably hated because he was about the only person at Arsenal with a winning mentality, really wasn’t a suitable environment for him.



Other big players with winning mentalities have left before and done so with well wishes and the blessing of other players, so it seems a bit more likely that some of them actually did think he was a bit of a prick. IMO anyway.


I almost broke out into a cold sweat reading that