Alexis Sánchez


I miss him :frowning_face:


Amazing hahahaha


Or because he was a dick with his antics.


Yes if only he had your mentality :xhaka:


Really good signing for United…why weren’t we in for him at that price?


Not even mad. Resigned to losing him ages ago. Cant wait till the egos start clashing and Pogba wants a wage rise. Jose will find a way to fuck it all up no doubt about it.

Sanchez is now United scum and a non entity.



For the Arsenal players to react this way about him obviously says a lot but it does look pathetic. To the basic onlooker our team just look like unprofessional and disrespectful losers. Whatever he’s said or done they should still praise him for his hard work and application. He’s still done a lot for Arsenal in his time there. The majority of the problems are down to Wenger’s awful management.


Seriously great player but for me never “one of ours”. Always felt like a “mercenary” who took his best option at the time which was us. Not necessarily in the sense that it was all money as I don’t really mean any of this negatively, I just always felt like his relationship with Arsenal was purely business and he delivered the goods for probably 2.5 of his 3.5 years so we can’t complain.

But there’s no “heartbreak” at seeing him at a bigger club is what I’m getting at. The only real disappointment story here is that we’ve let United climb from their lowest point in the Moyes era to being better than us again already but the reality is that’s our fault.


agree @Craigie.

Also: fuck him and his shit dogs. Obviously the dogs are oblivious and actually pretty cute, but dogs are always oblvious and pretty cute so by dog standards they’re shit dogs.


100% our fault. We have a manager on the payroll that has no business holding that position.



Lol! Our dressing room couldn’t truly wait to get rid of him :rofl:



He was cancer and I am glad we got rid of him. Couldn’t really wait to see the back of him. Look at our play drastically improve now that the ball hog is gone.






No it doesn’t. At least not in my opinion. You have to earn the well wishes of your colleagues when you leave, if everyone thinks you’re a prick in any line of work they aren’t going to fawn over you.

This is only an issue in the social media age anyway, there’s no need for players to make a big song and dance publicly because a colleague has left.

If they’d come out slating him then it would look a bit pathetic but that hasn’t happened, so they don’t. You’re making a fuss out of nothing imo.




Its funny how all of a sudden people are now saying he was a cancer, when I have been saying it for fucking months and months and people were saying that I was delusional and the only reason why people were upset with him is that he was a winner yadda yadda or nothing was wrong at all and I was making it all up. I said that people hated him at Barca also and there were a few players that were glad he left (if I can remember rightly Puyol especially hated him) now all of a sudden the players are doing the talking by ‘not talking’ people are saying wow he was a cancer for the dressing room and pulling him up on being a cunt and a player that made the dressing rooms a horrible place to be!



Good that you didn’t let it get to you though :wink: