Alexis Sánchez


Ha yeah. That’s one good thing to come out of this transfer. The world gets to see less of Jesse absolute knobjockey Lingard.

I mean look at this fucking tweet


I can’t help it, this guy has me rustled.

Fucking hate him.


If that’s the case I don’t expect him to play for Man United then this weekend given he’s missed our last 2 matches lol.


It’s helps me now to know that Alexis will probably hate him


Shit like this is exactly the reason I wouldn’t have minded him going to City. United are cunts, always have been, always will be.



“Hola Sir Alix, I play for u??”



Hate Lingaart’s face


I remember today, a conversation I had with Henry, a historic Arsenal player, who changed club for the same reason and today is my turn.

Not necessary to post it, but he has always been a cunt. Hope you got relegated with Manure. Bastard.


You will have to suppport him in Russia :xhaka:


So Alexis has always dreamed about playing for Man United and Mkhitaryan has always dreamed about playing for Arsenal. The cynical part of me thinks they’re both spouting crap!


So fucking much.


Yes of course you did :xhaka:


Its not just his face that i hate…Jeez i think i even hate his mum for having him!


I managed to not be bothered by all the Sanchez to United shit I’d seen today until I saw this tweet.

“Milly rock with the mandem” - absolute state of this cunt


For what its worth, at least Mkhitaryan actually said that a few years ago rather than solely after joining us


To be fair a couple weeks back I saw somewhere that whilst he was playing in Italy Sanchez had honestly made those United comments.


Fair play then lol



Did he really say it? What a sneaky cunt! Nothing like Fabregas.