Alexis Sánchez


They certainly don’t have massive pressure to add right now, unless they think they really need one more piece for CL… the league is done and there isn’t anyone who can stand in their path for English Cups - they will be favorites for everything as it stands other than CL.


I still think Sanchez will stay.
Why would he leave when he can get a massive signing on fee at the end of the season?

Not selling Sanchez and Ozil when we had the chance is going to cost the club around 100m in lost transfer fees.
That’s about 2m a game wasted when it could have been reinvested.

Is there a worse club in the transfer market than us?


“Utter state” :speak_no_evil:


I very accurate assessment of what has happened.


Yuck no.


I’m assuming this club is going to cut their losses eventually. But I thought that he wasn’t going to be an Arsenal player on 1 september either.



That poster is almost as embarrassing as our transfer history.


If multiple outlets are carrying exactly the same information about the details of a transfer, that means it’s been briefed, which means someone has put it there for a reason, which calls its reliability into doubt instantly.

— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) 12 januari 2018

Fair point this. Sky and Guardian (via the tweet I put here earlier) with the same story.


Full of money, they do want to fucking spend 20 mil for him in january lol!


This is not true right?
Embarrassing…truly embarrassing


I just want him gone and don’t care where he goes. Get the most money we can, re invest it and move on.


I agree i hope to fuck we arent gonna have another window of will he wont he then ‘we dont find a replacement’ he stays here making the dressing room more poisonous and continues to act like a cunt on and off the pitch wrecks things then fucks off for nothing like a spiteful fucker just get rid of the bastard.


Even if we don’t “love” / “like” him anymore, we don’t need to hate

Cunt, bastard, asshole, poisonous, fuck off… we are better than this.

He wants to go, that’s fine. It is not him dragging on the transfers.


Still a Man City transfer all day long, they don’t have to metaphorically square up to United in a bidding war, as they must’ve received fairly concrete assurances from his advisors that he wants a move to only Man City.

Risky PR strategy really from United weighing in on a transfer ‘tug of war’ they’re almost certain to lose


If United would add Martial to the deal I would accept a 15 million additional payment, but they are not going to do that I reckon.


Honestly man if they offer Martial I’d bite their hand off.

Looks kinda desperate tbf from them, screams of them just trying to one up city to show they’re still about.

Wished we just sold him in the summer and pocketed the money for the new manager to spend properly.


Ending up at United would be a body blow for Sanchez compared to City, I can’t see them winning the league whilst Pep is around managing the other Manchester Side.


Has Sanchez actually come out and said he wants to leave? Does anyone actually know that he is unhappy or is all this just a SkySports deadline day coup ?


No skin off my back if we don’t sell him, £20m is only £20m after all and any goals and assists he gets for us could be absolutely vital towards the end of the season.