Alexis Sánchez


Well he won’t sign a new contract with us, so…

I think it’s pretty obvious he wants out.


Has he actually been offered a new contract ?


I don’t agree that 20m is 20m.
If City withdraw their bid, then keep Sanchez till the end of the season. No 2nd thought.

Sell to United is a complete mental defeat, which is more serious than not getting 20m back.


Of bloody course! He is one of/our best player. As if we want to let him leave for free!

Anyway Wenger has said in a new interview that Sanchez doesn’t want to extend his contract. So yeah it’s safe to say that he is rejecting us, rather than us rejecting him.


Wenger isn’t daft ( apart from his coaching ) he isn’t going to a press conference and let the press and media hear what they want to hear . None of us knows what goes on behind closed doors… do we ?
Look at Sol’s signing …
All the guessing in the world won’t answer where Sanchez’s next club is going to be .
The older you get in life the easier you get to see through these situations.
Personally if Sanchez leaves then he leaves , if he stays then he stays , it’s as simple as that . I won’t lose any sleep if he fucks off .
It’s the badge that counts .
Remember this is THE Arsenal not an agents Arsenal.


If the badge counted itd face the other way @GeorgieGraham89.


It can’t be that bad Stroller , didn’t you ever see
Gus Ceaser play ?


I think I would sell Sanchez to United. United are already heading into disaster with Mourinho at the helm, so let’s offload our malcontent onto them take the 25m and get another asset in Miki. We can try to rejuvenate him a bit under a more caring manager and then move him on for profit, or who knows maybe he’ll get back to the player he once was. He wouldn’t be the first guy to give up on Mourinho, remember how dreadful Hazard looked the year Chelsea collectively mutinied?


Mikhi is turning 29 in a week. He’s not going to be sold for any profit unless we move him on within a year’s time.

I’m really not sure if strengthening ManUtd’s first team is really worth it if we may just be adding more age to the team that may need replacement again very soon.


Yeah There is no guarantee Mkhitaryan will find his form again.
Let’s not strengthen United for mere peanuts.


Ahh though he was younger than that, still if Mislintat still likes him he could come in handy for us. We are gonna lose Alexis now no matter what, so a player and 25m sounds a good deal to me.


His body language is clear.


Alexis Sanchez is already 29…


We’d also need some experience in our forward line if Sanchez, Ozil both leave. Not sure if one or two 21-year olds (if Malcom/Pavon or somebody like that is our future) and Welbeck is enough for next season. Obviously we don’t know if Mkhitaryan is the answer, but I wouldn’t write him off based on age.


I can guarantee it won’t be here and I’m sure he will see out his contract here and go for nothing at the end of the season, along with Ozil.

This situation just proves Wenger hasn’t got a clue what he is doing and it has cost us around 100m because of his stupidity and stubbornness.


I want him to goto United. City have tried to bully his hear with “he only wants to play for Pep” ignoring the 30m signing on fee and 280k a week wages.

City/Pep have basically said “You have to accept our bid on deadline day and if you wait until January we’ll give you at most £20m for your world class player otherwise he’s free for us in the summer”. All while their fans crow.

I’d love to see City’s tactics here blow up in their face and us to get better money and a top player in return. And for me Mkhitaryan is a top player on his day in the right system


Yeah I’ll go with that.

So long as someone other than us gets fucked over in a deal for change.

Being petty and vindictive is about all I have left when it comes to football these days.


I think we need to sell him and buy somebody. Him being here isn’t doing much for us, but even overpaying for someone who looks like a real talent will at least give us some hope for the future.

When you’re trying to convince Ozil to stay acting in the summer is too late – he’s already gone.

As far as I’m concerned banking £20-30m from Sanchez allows us to overpay for someone who isn’t worth it but that we need to convince their club to sell in January, which will be more beneficial to our long term future than definitely losing Alexis for free and having to try and sign 4 first team players this summer.


I think even if Sanchez doesn’t go we should buy someone else/a replacement this window. But that isn’t the Arsenal way.


The Arsenal way is to wait until we’re deeply entrenched in a crisis up to our ears and then try and do something.