Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


To be fair, given how difficult it has been to deal with Lyon’s president, I would say this deal hasn’t taken that long. It might feel that way given the fact that we have been linked with him for the last few seasons.




Imagine if he failed the medical.

Haha only joking, nobody ever fails an Arsenal medical.




Looking forward to seeing what creative way the media team have come up with to announce this signing! Hopefully it’ll be an utter cringe-fest like Villa’s JT announcement!


how many medicals will he have before we announce him? My bets 3


Please let that be the front 3, if only for a season. :giroud3:

                 Holding Koscielny Mustafi
           Bellerin                    Kolasinac
                       Ramsey Xhaka
                   Oezil           Alexis


tbh Arshavin failed his first medical.


He had eaten too many pies :grinning:


I guess Kalstrom passed with his back injury.:arteta:


Arsenal medical “Let me see his teeth… Take him”





Same old Arsenal, have the player wrapped up but take forever to announce it :rage: The photoshoot will probably end up being leaked before Arsenal put it out.




Looks like he’s saying “take your fucking time” :joy:



Bloody hope it’s announced tonight and not left another week in typical Arsenal fashion.

EDIT: Just saw ORNSTEINNNNNN’s tweet. Bollocks.


We almost got him, FFS! :sanchez2: