Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)




So many years of rumours and it finally happens.



Next up…Kalou!! :facepalm: :gabriel:


@Bl1nk you know you want to close this and list the player thread. :henry2:


Yes Calum so badly!!!


The optimist in me wants to cite the fact Arsene has been a long standing admirer of the player and he’s put up some impressive numbers at Lyon. He could, hopefully do great things given good service. He’s 26 and could have the best years of his career at Arsenal.

On the other hand, we allegedly could have bought the same players last year for less money or the year before for even less money. It does feel a little anticlimactic considering his arrival could just be a prelude to Alexis leaving this summer and not a chance to add actual depth to the squad. It feels a tiny bit like Arsene was scrambling for a striker (again) this summer and just went back to his list from last year and the year before.




Yup feel the exact same way and I think it would be naive for any fan to feel different but like you say there’s certainly a lot to be optimistic about too.

I hope this is one of those better late than never type situations, and Laca isn’t getting any younger either. He has five years where he can piss about like Giroud and never break 20 league goals or he can give us his all and finally become a name on the world stage. Unlike Giroud he has all the attributes to be a success.


People need to let the money go.


Let’s get started on some outgoings ffs squad is too bloated


Evening all,

Have a read of my post discussing the imminent signing on Lacazette.


So Mbappe and Mahrez only if Alexis left?


Consider more angles, we can only increase the wage bill by 30% i think (literally no idea), so not necessarily to do with replacing a forward with a forward.


That’s never going to happen.

Someone out there persuade me it might.

It would be the best transfer window ever.
Mbappe and Mahrez would make up for losing Sanchez.


Could happen dude. That’s all I’ve got.




Yeah, losing Sanchez and getting Mbappe would be great.