Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


Just can’t see him coming here. Soo overpriced. He will move to China if they keep asking so much for him.


How much do they ask for him?


According to Aulas, he will stay at Lyon.


Praying we sign him. As it’s him or nobody. Getting sick of Wenger not being able to sign a striker. :weary:


It’s a way to say: give us the money and we are gonna sell him


Read on eatsleepsport that Aulas denied the we’ve made a bid.

typical innit?


Ben Yedder (the probably substitute for Lacazette at Lyon) is ready to join West Ham. Sincerly I don’t think about the imminent transfer of Lacazette to Arsenal.


Rumours today were €50m and he’s ours.

Probably the fairest deal out of all the possible striker options we’ve looked at.


@Bl1nk it’s Alexandre :wink:


The situation according to GFFN.


I still think this is the most likely striker we will buy.
As good as Higuain is, Lacazette is younger, he is French, we get to keep Giroud and, most importantly, he is cheaper.

The money we save from buying Lacazette, and not Higuain, we could get a decent CB and maybe a decent winger.


At least he’d have a better resale value than Higuain if he comes good. €60m, if he turns into a 25 - 30 goal a season striker, that’s €100m easy then.


Do you really care about resale value though?


Wenger does.
He has never spent big on a player that hasn’t got a chance of being sold on for decent money.
This is why I just don’t see him paying anywhere near 80m for Higuain.


Just because we have money, doesn’t mean we should spend it recklessly and stupidly.

A rich man doesn’t stay rich by pissing his money into the wind.

I agree that we need to spend big on a striker, but I don’t think we should evaluate all of the aspect of the deal before pulling the trigger. We don’t have a sugar daddy like Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City and we don’t have United money either, we need to be more sensible in how we spend the money we make ourselves.

What happens if we spend €70m on Higuain, he flops, and we try to sell him on when he’s 32? We’ll have shat away a load of money with nothing to show for it.

At least with Lacazette, not only will he have more time to come good since he’s so much younger, even if he doesn’t come good he’ll still be young enough that we’ll be able to recoup the majority of our losses even if he doesn’t reach his potential (just because the market is crazy like that).

Look at Ozil, he didn’t start really hitting his stride until his 3rd season here. Same could happen to Higuain, except instead of entering his peak he’ll be firmly in decline.


Higuain is at least in the world class bracket who knows is Lacazzette ever will be. Selling players on doesn’t do us one bit of good as fans, we can’t even seem to even shift on our dross.

When Higuain is 32 that will be 3-4 years from now, regardless of whether he is great or poor for us at that point we are never going to get a huge amount for him, you pay a premium for players in their prime because they win you trophies here and now, obviously there is always going to be some risk involved but I’d rather concern myself with the revenue he might bring in for us in terms of CL advancement and EPL trophies rather than what he can be flogged off for in a few years time.

We should be buying Lacazette or Higuain because they are the best fit for our striker problem that’s consisted for coming on 5 years, everything else is just white noise to me.


But with Higuain you’re placing your bets on a different kind of recouping value, one that is proven to be the biggest driver of financial reward: WINNING SHIT.


Higuaín should obviously be the first option for us. He’s the player that could really take our club forward instantly. I don’t know if we’re capable of paying that release clause, but the Giroud + cash deal I would try and make possible. You would just have to hope Napoli refuse to sell to Juve under any circumstance.

The Higuaín stuff seems really unlikely to me though, so after that I’d still be looking at Sturridge. Again unlikely, but I don’t know if Klopp is huge on him and maybe they’re weary of his past injuries. He’s an elite striker when fit. You can’t really imagine Liverpool risking it and selling him to a rival English club though, a bit like us and Wilshere.

Now onto the more realistic options: I would prefer Lacazette to Icardi or Bacca. They all have decent goal scoring records in previous seasons, but that Lacazette 14/15 season is the one that really stands out and makes you think he could potentially turn into a top quality in the future. Icardi doesn’t have the all round game and from what I’ve read on Bacca, he wouldn’t be any better than Giroud and is nearly 30.


The thing is though, that Higuain could just go and do a Falcao on us.

Just because he’s world class doesn’t mean he’s going to score 30 goals in his first season. Falcao was arguably the best striker in the world at one point and just shat the bed massively, there is absolutely no guarantee he will win us any trophies. Especially not given his track record in big cup finals hahaha

We aren’t Chelsea or Man Utd, we can’t afford to drop €94m and just say “Oh well, guess it didn’t work lol”.

Being financially responsible and spending within your means shouldn’t be white noise to you because that’s how you end up doing a Leeds/Portsmouth.


He got a pretty bad ACL injury in the January before the 2014 WC and never recovered. Bit of a difference Cristo :wink: