Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


This is either early business in the 2017 window, late business in the 2016 window or very late business in the 2015 window depending on whether you’re a glass half full, glass half empty or fuck off there is no glass only misery kind of guy.


You never know, perhaps Wenger has learned that going into a new season unprepared and throwing away points is not the way to go.
I think he also knows that with Sanchez, and other first team players rumoured to be leaving, to not have anyone coming in, not only frustrates supporters, it also means the selling clubs know we have the money from their sales, and that we will be under pressure to sign new players.

I just hope Lacazette is the first of a few good players coming in, and not our only big signing.





I’m on vacation in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains, hardly any service out here. Each time I check in to see some updates I see about 20 or so new posts in this thread, and even less in the Mahrez one. Just goes to show you how these two guys are barely B level signings. Nobody even gives a shit. When we thought we were getting players in the past you’d see 1000’s of posts based upon rumors alone. Damn missing out on CL is worse than I thought.


This guy’s tan scares the shit out of me


What a great film.





I think if you go through every signing Wenger has made in the last decade or so, I’d say these guys were pretty high on the scale.

I can only really think of Cech, Sanchez and Ozil that clearly top them as signings, possibly Xhaka since people seemed to rate him (though if you were judging it in Summer 2016 then Mahrez trumps him) and maybe Podolski since he had a bit of profile and Arshavin too with that EL(UEFA cup?) campaign and Russia’s Euros but beyond that I’m stumped.

You can’t tell how players will work out as players obviously but as signings and hype, even good players that we’d heard of like Rosicky, Arteta, Mertesacker, Debuchy, Nasri, Chamberlain, Mustafi, Perez, Giroud weren’t as highly regarded as these two IMO.

These are the kinds of signings we should have been making in between the Ozils and the Cechs.



I wonder if Wenger really is convinced or Lacazette is just rel. cheap. He was going to Atletico… :smile:.


So today is the day?


Addition. Please be an addition. Very interested to see how he develops his game here in England.


Will sign today!


£44m is fine, just a number. Whether it was 24,34,44,54 or 64 is becoming increasingly irrelevant as we can afford all these numbers comfortably. Plus the same again on Mahrez if need be. And Lemar, if that were to happen.


Well we were prepared to spend 100m on Mpabbe. So I think we can safely say we can spend freely now.

Reaping the benefits of the banter era :arteta:


Don’t feel overly excited about this transfer but the main thing is he’s a 25 goal man.


The bar has been set so low, in regards to our striker signings, that I can’t help but feel excited about this guy.


We are taking so long to get a deal done. Nothing new :giroud3: