Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


I guess you know you’ve made it when your club signs a stop gap for over £50mil.

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If Monaco keep Lamar and Mbappe then fucking good for them. I like to think those two will have a few more years of eachother before heading to the top flight.



I don’t think even Wenger would try saying that.
Sanchez out and Lacazette and Mahrez in wouldn’t necessarily strengthen us but we wouldn’t be much weaker either.
At least it would be something different.
What we ideally need is Lacazette, Mahrez and a top quality winger to make it a decent window.

That is what most of us thought when we signed Giroud :wink:

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A more accomplished striker (albeit a less talented individual) may work wonders for our team tbh.

But Alexis is for all intents and purposes irreplaceable, so it would be unwise to expect anything other than a period of ‘transition’, at least until we know who the other forward is.



for me Lacazette at the moment is a good signing but if Sanchez stays as well then that would make him a great signing

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No one wants to hear it, Jason. This has been Ornstein’d



How does this guy compare to Sanchez ?
I’ve heard of Lacazette but never really took much notice of him .




“‘Your mom probably won’t kill herself,’ y’know? I’m sorry, but I’m not hanging all my hopes of Rachel and I living together on-on ‘Probably!’”

Friends geek!



It’s a mediocre signing but yay at least we bought someone.



Pretty much in line with the signings we made the past five years bar Ozil and Sanchez. We’re not going to get better players anyway. We’ll make do.



I think Sanchez is an immensely talented individual that falls under the ‘complete forward’ banner. I’m convinced we could play him at CB and he would do a job.

Lacazette is by my understanding, less talented as a whole, but a specialist geared up for the striker role. certainly potential for him to be a better 'striker, no way is he a better player though.

The big question mark at this stage is if he handles the transition from league to league, if he does he could very quickly find himself as Frances #1 striker and playing with Ozil, perhaps in or around the league’s top 2/3.

Certainly no Aguero or Suarez though. If you find @Cristo’s post from the other day it frames the level of the top BPL strikers nicely, and i would take a stab in the dark and say he could be rubbing shoulders with Costa in terms of output.



Mediocre signing?



Thought like this for a long time about Laca. I’d like to think the club is really learning lessons by biting the bullet and overpaying for Laca. It’s good to get the deal done before preseason.

As Laca I prefer to be optimistic. He’s got my full backing, lets see what he can do



I don’t get the negativity at all. He looks a cracking player, and one that will suit us well. I think he’ll score plenty for us, and that’s what counts



I feel if there wasn’t a cloud of doubt around Sanchez’ future at the moment, people would be more excited by Lacazette.

I reckon he’s going to be a great signing and will win fans over in no time. Gots a good feeling about him.



He’s no Walcott.



Well maybe, but to my mind Sanchez is already gone, absolutely zero chance he stays in my book. It’s been impossible to buy a quality striker in the market for years now. We’re lucky to get a player of this quality, at a time when we really need to make a signing like this.



That is fair and captures my mindset well. If I had more confidence we would keep Sanchez, then I could get a bit more excited about Lacazette ahead of Sanchez and Ozil in the 3-4-2-1 formation.

I just have this bad gut feeling we’re going to sell Sanchez and we’re going to end up fielding some group like Lacazette up top (back to 4-2-3-1) with Mahrez-Ozil-Oxlade behind him that leaves us short of goals and kind of crap overall.



I don’t think anyone is being negative as such, it’s more that he is good but not good enough to win us the league.

Unless you’ve seen something I haven’t? I’m not gonna lie, I don’t watch Ligue 1 religiously, but I have tried this season to watch a lot and I reckon I’ve seen about a third of Lyon’s games. I’m not seeing a cracking player, I’m seeing a good player.

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