Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


Yeah I wish people would stop seeing this in the context of Sanchez. Sanchez is gone, we’ve already fucked that up and there was no way on earth we were ever going to get anyone on his level to replace him. The same with Fabregas, van Persie, Henry.

If Ozil stays then a finisher up front will be very useful. A front 4 of Lacazette, Ozil, Someone Good & Someone Good probably makes for a better team than Sanchez, Ozil, Chamberlain, Walcott, even if the "Someone Good"s aren’t Sanchez level.

I seem to remember us getting more points the year we lost the irreplaceable “we’d be 7th without his goals” van Persie because we ended up buying a better attack. Cazorla and Podolski replacing Ramsey/Rosicky and Gervinho had a better net impact on our side.

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I could be wrong but I don’t remember seeing that front four often, maybe that needs a bit of reworking for a fairer comparison?




Think the later teams this season consisted of Alexis, Özil and Welbeck upfront. Early doors yet, we could well sign another winger-come-goalscorer. Getting Lacazette done this early is awesome in fairness.



I tend to find you sway my opinions more than anyone else on here. What are your thoughts on Lacazette?



I’m confident enough to make a bet with you that we will see neither 4-2-3-1 or Oxlade in an advanced position again under Wenger.

Excluding serious injuries or perhaps a red card or two, of course.



I hope you’re right on both counts!



Not gonna lie, I really know very little about this guy, but it’s good to see we’re making the right moves in the transfer window. Just wish for a change, this was seen as an addition to the squad, rather than a likely replacement for Alexis. Oh hum, we know the Arsenal ways.

On another note, I’m also geniunely amazed @Bl1nk 's not made the Alexandre Lacazette thread in the Players section yet, I might just go steal his thunder on this one :poldi:



Mmm weird, those that are criticizing this signing the most are Giroud’s only fanboy and Walcott’s greatest defender.



I’d be super gutted if Giroud was used as a bargaining chip in this deal.



Find it strange all the hype for Sanchez has people worried he is gone and we’ll be crap without him, other than his work rate and at times selfish play all he does is chip the fckn ball !! Football is a team game and now we have an outlet for our supply chain in Laca im happy. Sanchez can fck off he ain’t bigger than this club.



That’s really simplifying things.

Football is also a game about improving your team and become better. It’s far from certain that any player the club buys this summer as a replacement will do that.

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I know but we will be better off without him !! Football ain’t that difficult tho would rather have 11 players giving their heart for the club than some of these mercenaries !! Btw the whole chipping the ball thing was something me and my boys would bet on - how many times he would do it in a match. Once you notice it you can’t unsee it :rofl::rofl:






I think he’s the best striker we could realistically expect to sign. Plus he’s different to what we have currently and how can we complain to that?



Couldn’t agree more mate ! Very good goal record over the last 3-4 seasons and I believe, a 36% conversion rate

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It was Chamberlain or Iwobi, I thought I was being nice since people seem to be more excited over Chamberlain this year than Iwobi :ozil2:

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We’ve got Lacazette, Alex Lacazette, I just don’t…

Ohhhh Alex Lacaaaazette…

Alex Lacazette [RvP]

Arsenal fans will excel themselves as always :sunglasses:

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I’m wet