Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


Been quite a while since we’ve had a #9 that’s a killer in front of goal.



Lacazette and Mahrez would still be very good.


Laca in…should be time to enjoy the news before Alexis goes to Citeh.

Finally getting a top striker after all these years…:giroud3:


Lacazette is meh, hope Sanchez is as hyped as you guys.


His goal record is anything but meh


If you come and tell me that Lacazette is amazing and you watch him every week etc I’d be more inclined to believe you. However that goal record inflated by a bunch of penos in France makes meh a perfectly apt description.


I think consistently being among the top goalscorers in France speaks highly enough of him
The boy scores at least every other week , telling me we couldn’t use some of that ?


I’m happy enough with this if I’m being honest, I feel those who aren’t greatly excited about the deal have valid concerns but I’ll be happy with anyone other than Giroud upfront.

If we sell Alexis to city though this is simple one step forward two steps back.


I’m happy with this just because it’s a bloody signing, an expensive signing.

But truth be told, Lacazette is a good player, he’s not an exceptional player. He won’t turn us into league contenders. His impact also depends a lot on who else we sign and/or who we keep.


Completely agreed phoebe. This signing will all be for nought if we let sanchez go this window.


Announced on monday?


YES! The real David has spoken! Welcome to Arsenal!


Mahrez close as well?


Not my first choice but I’ll gladly take Lacazette. If Alexis leaves, we still get worse overall though.


Biggest concern is Wenger is seeing Lacazette as a replacement for Sanchez when in fact he’s the striker we should have had years ago and then we’ll need to go out and at least adequately replace Sanchez.

Don’t see how we don’t go backwards if/when Lacazette signs.


No Worries, wenger has a plan he knows what he is doing…wenger knows, in wenger we trust :henry2:


Lacazette in and Sanchez out, also we will be spending more on Lacazette than receiving for Sanchez… I’m meant to be excited ? Haha ok.


If mbappe and Lamar stay at Monaco this summer I guess I’m ok with lacazette marez as stop gaps