Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


I think Wenger had been after Mata for a few seasons.
He was exactly what we needed and would have been great here.

Another player we didn’t try hard enough to get.


Klopp with a mountain to climb here :mustafi:


Ahhh I remember this now! In all honesty I had forgotten about us being close to signing him. Brings back so many tortured moments of our previous transfer history reading that :laughing:


Geez he was bad that game I almost feel sorry for him. He looked like a steal at 17 now good god now he joined his fellow Southampton buddies at lolpool looking like dross


all the people on here clamouring for him to be kept at all costs, watch the video above and have a rethink

£40 million was daylight fucking robbery, he is garbage



Worse. Birmingham City :arteta:


He’ll hit some form eventually and the Kop media will smooth over the hubbub he created in his early spell at Liverpool. The move in general makes absolutely no sense whatsoever though. Unless he really notches out a place in CM this season, all hope of that will diminish when Keita upgrades those CM spots.

Keita in > Coutinho out? Even then, there’s bound to be another host of hot prospects come next summer and Klopp may think he needs someone to truly compliment Keita. The planning of this move really leads me to believe that Liverpool made contact late on knowing they were Alex’s #1 option and decided to take that option. The odds are stacked against him and he really needs to build something with Liverpool if he wants to make a career there.

Either way, I’m not sure why I care too much! It loosens our purse strings and frees up a spot for when Goretzka joins :mustafi:


This Twitter account has been gold since Liverpool signed Ox :ok_hand:




That is quite a real possibility, I won’t deny it. It’s really up to Ox which way his future goes. He has the attributes to be a decent player for a top 6 team. The guy has pace and can dribble. If he works hard at his passing and crossing accuracy, he will be more than useful. Another thing he will have to do is curtail his brain dead moments on the pitch, which will take self discipline, but can be done.



Bad enough these used to get posted when he played for us… :stuck_out_tongue:



He’ll score against us now


Knowing our luck, for sure. Guess he is gonna celebrate as well :xhaka:


Then i wont be mad if xhaka has a somewhat crazy and wreckless tackle on him that gets him a red…i rather it be a sneaky one that he gets away with for the match then gets a ban afterwards gets him off the pitch for a few games whilst disrupting us in that game too much.


Why wouldn’t he celebrate? He wasn’t a key member of our team ever. If he scores and doesn’t celebrate then he’s an idiot.


If he does score I hope he does celebrate. This not celebrating when you score against a former team has become far too prevalent these days, 90% of the time it reeks of narcissism and is entirely unjustified.


Surprised she didnt say Keiran Gibbs