Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Wow he looked SHIT. Anyone got his stats for the game?


I’m going to guess they’re probably pretty shit.


Wanted him gone for years. Never been good enough. Another Denilson.


Chamberlain is like the Titanic
Shouldn’t have left Southampton.


That is some funny shit. :rofl::rofl:

All jokes aside, I still think Klopp can get the best out of him. It’s another question whether his best will be good enough to get him a consistent starting place in the first team though.


Nah Chamberlain can at least take people on and dribble, what could Denilson do ?


And someone wanted him to be as our first choice in the middle :arteta: :hipster:


I think this will be another “Theo has potential” lines, in the sense that we’ll still be saying it in 5 years… if Ox hasn’t joined Hull by then of course.



He was an above average 17 year old winger but he’s a bang average 23 year old whatever he is. I think many of us still have the subconscious “well if Wenger thinks he has something then he probably does” but he’s proven himself wrong in that regard in recent years so we need to stop that.

He’s just not good. His ceiling is getting some consistency and not being shit, which means he can play for Palace or West Ham. Even if someone gets the best out of him, that player won’t be a top 4 quality player.

We paid £15m for him (+addons??) when we were skint. I think that was the summer that Mata was available for £20-22m and willing to come but really if you were paying £25m back then you’d have been able to get a good player. We’ve wasted 6 years developing him for absolutely nothing (other than a reasonable profit).

There was a time I was convinced he’d put it all together and use his physical ability to be a poor mans Bale but I’m now so chuffed he’s no longer our problem.


The referee.


That’s a bit harsh.
Denilson was probably the worst first team regular we have had.
I wanted Chamberlain to stay, and still think he is going to do well at Liverpool, but he’s not doing my argument much good in his first few matches.


Denilson could actually pass to his teammates, something Ox has never quite mastered


By pass you mean 10 meter back passes to centre halves then yeah I agree.


Yea Denilson was very fooking limited yet reasonably adequate within those limitations. A very different player from Ox and difficult to compare for that reason but ultimately you want neither in the side.


was just about to post the same video

he is shit, said so for years

delighted he’s gone, just a shame the money wasn’t used to buy somebody really fucking good


Think it was 15m including add ons although the 10% sell on fee will take it above that. We tried to get Mata, Chelsea gazumped us. Shame as he would of been the ideal Cesc replacement

As a 17yo he looked like a potential top player but he never progressed. If anything he might have actually got worse. It’s funny because back then fans were annoyed that he wasn’t starting but it’s become pretty obvious looking back now why he wasn’t starting.

Right now he desperately needs playing time and he isn’t getting it in any PL teams midfield


Not quite…


Denilson wouldn’t have been a bad CM option if it wasn’t for the fact he jogged back to defend. Unaccaptable.


Absolute shambles if true


We can never know these things for certain but I do remember being angry about that at the time. Despite having never seen mata play