Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Full name: Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain

Date of birth 15 August 1993
Place of birth Portsmouth, England
Height 1.80 m
Playing position Winger / Central midfielder


I was reading the what to do with our midfield threat (or something like that) by @thespecialcnut and I was thinking what the hell we do with Alex? Is he good enough for one of the advanced midfield positions on the wings? I think not!

Also I remember Wenger saying that his future is in midfield so… with our plethora of midfielders atm, where does this guy fit? does he fit at all? Is he ahead of ANYONE in midfield? bar injuries of course (ahem! Jack)

Coquelin, Cazorla, Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Calum? + Ox… 6/7 players for two spots?

Honestly I don’t think he’ll get sold or loaned, but it will be very hard for him to get some play time I’m sure.

what do you guys think?


I think loaning or selling him would be the right move, depending on what happens with other players. Last year was his big chance to shine and he simply bottled the opportunity. Iwobi passed him and Wilshere is now back (at least temporarily) and will always get chances ahead of him. So Ox will be behind Alexis, Ramsey, Wilshere, and Iwobi at the very least for playing time on the wing. And maybe behind Campbell and Theo too if one or both stay. What is the point of keeping him around just to rot on the bench? He is not going to improve without playing consistently and he’ll be the same all potential, no results guy next summer only another year older.

Wenger’s comment that Chambo’s future is in center midfield is one of the single most bizarre things I’ve ever heard the old man say. There is just no way he has the composure on the ball or tactical nous. I think it can be basically disregarded. He is not playing there unless there is some kind of massive injury crisis.


How many more seasons until his contract is up? He’ll probably be sold before he enters the final season of his contract. I wouldn’t be against selling him right now though and improving the team.

Can’t see us giving him a contract extension that’s for sure.


Should be another 2 years before his contract is up and if the club intends to sell him it has to be this summer surely. There’s no way it would be the reasonable decision to have him run his contract down to one year. Can’t even loan him out with full confidence before the contract situation’s settled.

I hope his situation is a major priority the next couple of weeks. Either have him sign a new contract (which I’m unsure if it is the right decision) or sell him and get someone else in to take his place.


£15m for this heap of shit, and we’ll go into the season with Oxlade in our squad, 100 league games into his Arsenal career, done next to nothing.

He should be top of the list of players up for sale.


Enough time for Ox already. Like Diaby, he is not made for contact sports.
I never question his talent, but he just can’t keep his health long enough.

If we are serious enough, he should be gone long time ago.
Come on, sell him and Theo, and use the money to fund the purchase of Draxler.


Wenger will probably give him one last shot, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think he’ll ever forfill his potential here. That player that bursted onto the scene 5 years ago has no where to be seen in recent seasons.

He used to offer strength and speed, but like so many, simply lacks any direction and thought into his play.


Probably like that.

I personally think Wenger has to responsible of his unsuccessful development.
Everytime when he got injured, he had to rush back and play. If we had a bigger squad, we don’t need to rush him (or anybody) back and give them enough time to recover.
Unfortunately, our penny pinching manager never equip the team with enough players. When A got injured B stepped up. When B injured, we never had a C and had to rush A to come back.

Last season we predicted it would be Ox (and Theo) last season with Arsenal.
Hopefully this is really the last one, if they stay. This is no good for both players and the club.


Having three players for every position is a bit of a over exaggerating though. We would have a squad of 33 players…


We can only register 25, that’s why we need healthy ones.


I trust in Oxlade. He has the qualities to become a key player for us if he will return to play with the intention to model his football style.

His speed, change of direction and long shot are three important qualities.


Sure he has his qualities, but his final third contributions are really lackluster for the past several years.
He can’t cross, nor an assist man, his passing is average
He can’t split the defense by his dribbling skills and speed
He has a hard shot, but shoots without accuracy, never a scorer
He had flashes here and there once in a while, but same applies to every player
The only consistency he has, is his injury record
Seems like it is pretty easy to get your trust :wenger:


This is the year for Ox, him and Theo gonna rek some nubs.

Arsène Wenger

There’s nothing I would like more A4TT, but sadly I’m tired of waiting for Arsenal player X to finally show their POTENTIAL.

I think @Mysty that the player who bursted onto the scene 5 years ago is still the same guy, he still has explosive speed and power but he hasn’t grown in intelligence and looks like he hasn’t learned anything in 5 years.


Come on Ox, redeem yourself.


Keep him. We need as big as squad as possible with our annual injury crisis imminent.

I still think he has a future. At least he will be more useful than Walcott too.

P.S. If Jordan Ibe went for 15m then Oxlade is worth 30m.


Personally think last season was bottom of the barrel stuff and he won’t ever sink to those lows again. Campbell will likely be sold this transfer window so we need to keep cover for those wing positions. I don’t see him occupying a first team place at the moment but he would be useful as a super-sub runner until he picks up any consistency.


Not wishing to be rude or anything, but who were you on the old Forum @YJYUX ?


I wonder if Ox hangs on at our club long enough like Theo to be rewarded with a Testimonial.