Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


He literally turned down 200-180k offers in the capital to play wingback to play CM for 120k in an industrial city and at the end of the day finds himself sitting on the bench and playing with the reserves.

If he doesn’t believe in Arsenal anymore fair enough and I would of understood going to Chelsea but his reason for turning them down was he didn’t want to play wingback. Well now he isn’t playing and when he has made a sub appearance it’s being as a fullback.


Also he’s all loved up with Perrie who wants to stay in London, so it was clearly quite a strong pull factor that drew him to Liverpool over that & the greater money offered by Arsenal…this self-belief that he’s a centre mid


Excuse me, did you say demands? :nerd_face:

Nah I basically agree, he just wanted out.


@Phoebica @arsenescoatmaker
Fair arguments but this whole scene reminds of when Theo made a fuss about CF position.
Signed a contract and end up playing most of the games at wings.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Liverpool)
Oh boy. Jurgen Klopp let slip that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was in line for his first start for Liverpool in midweek, a full 19 days and four games since he joined for £35m. The 24-year-old will surely feature in his favoured position of central midfield against Leicester on Tuesday, but this was not what he had in mind when leaving Arsenal for more opportunities and a “kick up the backside” in the summer.

Klopp offered something of an explanation for drip-feeding Oxlade-Chamberlain into the Liverpool side, saying that the club are working behind the scenes to “show him how we want to play in this position, that position”. Be it central midfield, attacking midfield or on the wing, there is an adjustment period when transitioning from Arsene Wenger to Klopp’s coaching style.

But while the need to imbue Oxlade-Chamberlain with the skills and knowledge to play in Klopp’s system is obvious, one cannot help but feel his talents could have been used more wisely so far. His introduction against Manchester City when a man and two goals down felt forced and unnecessary, and illustrated a lack of understanding as to what he offers. Then in games against Sevilla and Burnley, with the Reds chasing a win on both occasions, the England international was handed one and 11 minutes respectively. Klopp appears to be unsure how to use his new expensive toy.







who the heck is he passing to there…no one is remotely close to that pass.


That’s what a CM does!


I admit it. He’s shit


Don’t worry most of us were already aware.


Just Wenger left who rates him so.


and A4TT…he wont let us forget it!


I still think he’s a quality wing back.


Since he left for Liverpool, they havent won a game and we haven’t lost.

I know we’re not pulling up any trees but it just goes to show how ridding ourselves of a disruptive influence can bring a sense of togetherness


He is, yeah, but tbh if I were a manager for a top club as Arsenal or Liverpool should be, trying to build a top team, I would stay away from overtly stupid footballers like Ox, even if he’s effective in that particular position.


That seems like a bit of a stretch to me. The real thing ox moving did was allow some players move back to their natural positions.

Also not convinced Ox is a quality wing back @Oliver. So far he’s just a guy who had a decent spell there for about a dozen games. A bit like when Chamakh came in and smashed it for us. Only not even as impressive as that tbf.


Some here would have you believe he was world class at full back.

It was typical Chamberlain in that he had some good form that no doubt would have been followed by inconsistency and subsequently injury.


2 mins of Oxxie being Oxxie. Love how it goes to Kloppo after that pass. :joy: