Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


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Really feeling terribly indebted to Ox, aside from turning down what would’ve been a disastrous contract for the club and saving me from having to watch him for Arsenal for another season, his Liverpool adventure is one of the most fun things about this season as an Arsenal fan.


I think we are being a bit premature in writing him off. He has only just moved to Liverpool. Klopp will need to work with him for at least a few months for us to start seeing an improvement, if any. So I would give it some time before I start dissing him.


Chamberlain’s role is bench right winger :coq:


Grass isn’t always greener on the other side :grinning:


I’m sure that is exactly what Chamberlain is thinking while watching us playing in the Europa League.


He is also watching Liverpool play in the CL


to think he could be losing his beard of a girlfriend too…things have not gone smoothly in this move have they chamberpot!




Serve him right . Absolutely no sympathy here .


time too gloat


Klopp has said Ox will play in the EFL cup tomorrow with all their other reserves

You know, since Ox left us we haven’t lost a game and Liverpool haven’t won one. I’m not saying he is a bad penny… wait a minute, yes I am :grin:


That’s the most pleasant way I’ve ever heard to say someone is shit… so very English.


1 goal conceded and 6 scored, while Liverpool 3 goals scored and 8 conceded :kos2: :henry2:


With the bids flying around for Drinkwater and Barkley I think it’s pretty clear he wasn’t the top of anyone’s wishlist but you wouldn’t be against him being one of your 23.

Just because you’re signed by Liverpool it doesn’t mean you’re signed by Klopp. I think he’ll end up realising what a good thing he had with Wenger’s love. He’d have probably ended up being a CM here eventually, maybe when Ramsey decides he wants to leave next year.


Guy was a clown here. Hope he performs miserably at the cult of Liverpool.


40 million for a squad player shows you the crazy world we live in, in Today’s Premier League. I was always surprised that Chelsea or Liverpool wanted him, a decent run in the 2nd half of last season for Arsenal was the best we ever saw of him, even then nothing world beating either that have top clubs vying for his signature. We did great business for him as I don’t think he be setting the world alight at Liverpool, with Can and Henderson in the centre midfield, also Naby Keita already signed from Red Bull Leipzig who’s a centre midfielder too for next season. Unless someone picks up a serious injury or Klopp is given the sack, I think OX will be used all over the place.

Don’t be surprised to see Ox been sold on in a season or two to Stoke or something. I don’t see it ending well for him.


Klopp must have said ‘we’ll give you playing time at CM’ though. I think he’ll get in time when they have injuries, much like here he’d have got time there when we have injuries. He probably would have had a huge opportunity to play CM or even CAM next year when Ozil/Alexis were out the door. The fact he looked at Liverpool where Keita is coming in and they have plenty of CM depth and thought he’d get games at CM shows how incredibly thick and arrogant the Ox is. We all know how bad his decision making is during games but that really is a shocker of a decision. And that’s why he had to play at wingback in the first place because he’s too thick to play anywhere else.

Anyway I’m glad him going means we can see Kolasinac at LWB


People are looking too much into his CM demands.
The guy most probably just wanted a change.

Sometimes life stagnates and despite how good we have it, we feel the need to change.


Perhaps it’s not so much demands, but he definitely has a strong desire to play there which he has mentioned time and time again. I’m sure that was a factor in his move. This is from an interview he did in May:

“I don’t know, really,” he said, when asked whether wing-back was now his primary position.
"Playing for a team like Arsenal, it ends up being more of a right-wing job.
"I get the ball from deeper and the plays into my hands more.
"At the end of the day, it’s given me minutes and I’m not one to complain.
“But, the centre mid role… I’ve always wanted to be Steven Gerrard, so I’ve still got a hope of that!”