Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


I just hope Gunnersuarus refuses to shake his hand


Show him the middle finger!


How anyone can be angry at Chamberlain leaving is beyond me.

He told Wenger to shove his 180K a week deal and we got a very good fee considering he’s distinctly average and woefully unproductive.


You can’t blame him for celebrating one of the very few goals in his career tbh. If he doesn’t celebrate out of sheer shock that he’s actually scored then that I would understand.


Amen. He saved Wenger from himself. And us from having to endure him too.


TBF Ox was a very good fullback/wingback and got 7 assists playing that more basic role. He was good there. He just deluded himself to think he could play well elsewhere on the pitch. As a fullback/wingback he’s actually in his element.

Hopefully he doesn’t prove me wrong tomorrow


He didn’t do the job long enough to be considered good at it. He had a good spell there and we don’t know how it might have panned out long term. Lets be honest, those numbers are the anomoly with ox, not the likes of the performance against Liverpool…



“Is he sure of a place?” said Wenger. “You are sure of a place nowhere. In a big club you have big competition. What do you want to be, a big player and not have to fight? You can’t be a big player, sit in your rocking chair and say, ‘I do not want to fight’. Every player has to.”


He can celebrate all he wants. He wanted a new challenge, turned down the money from us and Chelsea to have a chance to play in another position. Maybe we can judge him on this career move but I respect that decision from him now. He’s got talent but is very uneven and truth is he hasn’t weakened our team by leaving (considering our style of play).


A player so bad at scoring goals should celebrate any good fortune he has in that department. I thought it was adrenaline and euphoria, it seems suspect to me when a player can just turn that off. And it looks cringey when the rest of the players are celebrating in front of the non-celebrating goalscorer.

He disrespected Arsenal by forcing a move elsewhere. If he tries to feign any kind of respect then he’s a knob.


Thought he was one of those before he even left Arsenal tbh!







Already scored more league goals than he did during any season at us :eyes:


Where was he playing in that formation today? :grin:


Problem is that you are posting that you are vindicated about a player, but then conveniently forget that you keep on talking about how wenger is not at fault for our demise. So what is it? The player is actually crap or your logic on wenger is seriously flawed?


Wenger held him back




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Good luck to him. He thought about his career first which sums him as a player and person. Wanting to succeed in the position he naturally in. Not shoe horned on the right getting limited time in the central position which most here seem to forget. I believe he will replace coutinho and you will see a new ox playing as a 10


Watching the Ox today and seeing another abysmal performance by Arsenal just proves once and for all that Wenger is clueless, completely and utterly clueless.


No Ox always inconsistent but nobody here ever payed attention his good games just focused on the bad