Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Sky sports news are saying the same thing for what it’s worth


I just enjoy people shitting on Balague


Honestly me too. He has however been quite on it this summer :rage:


Didn’t he say Neymar was staying at Barca?


he was already a red, they should have said he’s still a red



PaddyPower are fucking savage haha


If this deal had come last summer, we would be laughing all the way…fuck him, he gave us 4 goals less than Vermaelen did, and never started more than 17 games a season…a short good run don’t change that!


In their prime, we have sold:

van Persie to United
Chamberlain to Liverpool
Clichey to City
Sagna to City
Nasri to City
Adebayor to City
I may be missing someone

In return we have got

Sylvestre from United



Lol, glad most Arsenal fanatics are finally getting their head out of their asses and realizing that we aren’t Manchester United. The sooner this happens to most fans the better off everyone will be. Like I’ve been saying a long time the Arsenal fanatic base is amongst the most deluded in all of football.


Who’s the defeatist now lol


We could be but for a clown at the helm of the club.


What about Dat Guy?




Sorry I don’t get it. I mean being deluded is one thing. Like everyone expecting Arsenal to go out and spend 100’s of millions of pounds on signings when there is no history to support it. First of all you have to know who you are. Some self awareness is definitely needed to be an Arsenal supporter. Still though that’s a lot different from most of our supporters going into the FA Cup final saying we are gonna get shit on. We’ve done reasonably well for the size of our club competing with sides who have a shitlload of money. I’ll never deny that we are fucking dumb when it comes to transfer market stuff, but we’ve build a good enough squad to compete with anyone in our league on any given day. That’s the defeatism I’m talking about.


We could definitely be more formidable I won’t disagree there. However it’s just not Wenger either. The board have absolutely no fucking clue either. We’ve got issues from top to bottom. Wenger is culpable for sure, pretty sure he’s trying to run the club like it’s still 2001.


Sagna? Really? He was 31 and then they released him on a free after his contract expired.


You are right, replace Sagna to City with Cole to Chelsea.


Toure to Man City and Cole to Chelsea were both top players when we sold them.`


You sound almost as cynical as me, regards to my dislike for Football players posting those cringy marriage proposals @Robin_L :ramsey:

Anywho, glad he’s gone. £40 million is good business for someone who never really hit consistent form here at Arsenal.

It’ll probably do him some good anyways to work under someone elsewhere, Klopp might get more out of him. Yes there is a question of will he really play in CM or not, but right now, there’s not much point hanging around a club like ours with no real clear direction right now. At least Liverpool are slowly building their way up.